Upgrade your planter, air seeder or drill, combine, sprayer, and application equipment to achieve better results on every acre.

Explore upgrades for your equipment

Monitor, control, and maximize every row with planter upgrades that deliver results regardless of where or what you plant.

Add blockage & flow monitoring and downforce control to your air seeder or drill to overcome soil variability and fix blockage issues in real time.

Upgrade to next-generation technology without switching sprayers. Retrofit your current sprayer and save costs on controlling weeds, insects, and diseases.

Get accurate yield data to make better decisions. Monitor crop yield as you harvest and gather data to decide your next season's success.

Take your liquid sidedress pass to the next level with real-time row-by-row rate monitoring and control.

Add real-time monitoring and fertilizer rate control to your dry strip-till system to maximize your program's impact while lowering costs.