Upgrade the equipment you already own to maximize its benefit to your farm.

Aerial view of the Precision Planting facility in Tremont, Illinois

Precision Planting, LLC is a leading provider of practical and effective precision ag technologies for farmers who Believe in Better™.

Who is Precision Planting?

Precision Planting is a leading provider of agriculture technologies for farmers who Believe in Better™ with a focus on creating solutions for current agronomic issues and providing practical educational resources. Precision Planting products upgrade a farmer’s existing planter, air seeder, drill, sprayer, and combine to maximize the performance of their equipment. The global company is represented by a network of more than 600 dealerships and offers technologies to farmers and agricultural equipment manufacturers worldwide. 

What is PTI?

In 2018, Precision Planting opened the Precision Technology Institute (PTI) in Pontiac, Illinois, a 400-acre agronomic research site, as well as a location where farmers can experience Precision Planting technologies and products in a real-farm environment. PTI is an educational site that brings agronomy, new technology, and equipment to the forefront of the industry. Research at PTI focuses on creating best-use agronomic practices for precision ag technologies. Results from PTI research are delivered at Winter Conference and are available to the public. Growers can also get regular updates on PTI studies and events by signing up for the InsidePTI email newsletter.

What does it mean to Believe in Better?

Believing in better is a mindset to pursue excellence in everything you do. It’s welcoming opportunities to improve your farm and knowing that your best season is simply a starting point for this season. Precision Planting is for farmers like you who Believe in Better.

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