Precision Planting uses a unique and innovative approach: retrofit the equipment you already own, to maximize its benefit to your farm.

Aerial view of Precision Planting's headquarters in Tremont, Illinois.

With headquarters in Tremont, Ill., Precision Planting is a global company that is represented by a network of more than 600 dealerships and offers solutions and technologies to farmers and agricultural equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Precision Planting uses a unique and innovative approach: Retrofit the equipment you already own to maximize its benefit to your farm. Precision Planting is part of PTx, the leading precision agriculture brand of AGCO, offering solutions for every season and every pass, no matter the color of equipment.

Who is Precision Planting?

Precision Planting is a leading provider of agriculture technologies for farmers who Believe in Better™ with a focus on creating solutions for current agronomic issues and providing practical educational resources.

Precision Planting products upgrade a farmer’s existing planterair seeder, drillsprayer, liquid fertilizer applicator, dry fertilizer applicator, and combine to maximize the performance of their equipment. Precision Planting provides precision ag solutions for every season. 

Precision Planting employee digging seed trench for seed depth behind a John Deere planter equipped with Precision Planting FurrowForce

What is PTx?

PTx is a leading brand within AGCO that aligns precision ag technologies from Precision Planting and PTx Trimble. The alignment of these brands supports farmers, dealers, and OEMs globally, offering solutions for every season across equipment colors.

The name PTx is rooted in AGCO’s heritage: precision agriculture (P) and advanced technologies (T) that multiply (x) the impact it creates for farmers through seamless, intelligent, and farmer-focused technologies. 

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PTx logo with field orange and green field rows symbol above Precision Planting logo and PTx Trimble logo

What does it mean to Believe in Better?

Believing in better is a mindset to pursue excellence in everything you do. It’s welcoming opportunities to improve your farm and knowing that your best season is simply a starting point for this season. Precision Planting is for farmers like you who Believe in Better.

Woman farmer opening door and walking into a tractor


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