Current Openings

North America

» Facilities Maintenance Technician
Tremont, IL, US

» Quality Inspector
Morton, IL, US

» Environmental, Health and Safety Technician
Morton, IL, US

» Regional Sales Manager
North Dakota, US

» Regional Sales Manager
E. Nebraska, US

» Software Engineering Manager
Tremont, IL, US

» Mechanical Engineer
Tremont, IL, US

» Manufacturing Engineer
Tremont, IL, US

» Product Support Specialist
Tremont, IL, US

» CNC Programmer
Tremont, IL, US

» Chemist
Tremont, IL, US

»Event Marketing Coordinator
Pontiac, IL, US


» Commercial Agronomist Ukraine

» Product Support Specialist
Krasnodar/Stavropol, Russia

» Region Manager
Voronezh, Russia

» Region Manager
Saratov, Russia

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Who is Precision Planting?

We are a team of people who like to be in the middle of the action, who are constantly challenging the status quo, and who care about each other. We are obsessed with our customers and work to make practical tools to help farmers be more productive and profitable. We are passionate about sharing what we are learning, so farmers can make improvements and learn along with us. 

We started in a farm shop in central Illinois in 1993, and have now launched over 30 unique products that are being used by farmers all over the world. With employees in North America, South America, and Europe, our global team works with hundreds of dealers to improve farmers’ existing equipment with our products. We also supply over 20 global equipment manufacturers with our products to help farmers take advantage of the improvements our technology brings to their new equipment. 

Our research and development team has become recognized as a global leader in new product development. We are also known for having an innovative approach to engaging farmers in our research through events like our Winter Conference, an annual event sharing research and new products to thousands of farmers, and our PTI Farm, a 400-acre interactive agronomic test farm. 

Creating products, telling the story of why they exist, and supporting our farmers, dealers, and partners to have a great experience is why our team exists.

Our Culture

We believe culture is of critical importance and is the high-octane fuel that enables our machine to run. Culture is not predestined or static. It’s not a list of values on the wall. It is a description of how things get done and what gets rewarded. Trust and safety are the critical components of the foundation that holds our business together.

Some mottos or behaviors you might hear describing the work at Precision Planting.

  • We do hard things
  • We take an ownership mentality 
  • We are fast to fail
  • We are always playing offense 
  • We take an optimistic outlook 
  • We have a bias to action

Our team recognizes that teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage in today’s business world. A team where players are pushing each other to do great things that will leave a lasting impact.

The Internship Experience

We host internships year-round in Engineering, Computer Science, Agronomy, and more.

Are you interested? Provide us your application in one of the ways below:

1: Email your resume as a .pdf file to [email protected]

2: Connect with us at these college career fairs:

  • Bradley University // Peoria, IL
  • University of Illinois // Champaign, IL
  • Iowa State University // Ames, IA
  • Purdue University // West Lafayette, IN
  • Michigan Tech // Houghton, MI

Check out the video below to get a taste of what an internship is like at Precision Planting!