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Precision Planting is passionate about helping farmers who Believe in Better for their farms, community, and their families. Find how you can become a part of that mission by applying for our open positions.

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Team members across multiple disciplines collaborate to make agriculture more productive and sustainable while reducing the costs to feed a growing world. Based in Central Illinois, we are a global company with dealer partners and OEM customers on most continents. We need the best talent as individual contributors and leaders to accomplish this. No matter what your expertise, you can find your fit here at Precision Planting.

What’s the best thing about working at Precision Planting? Easy: the people.

  • We can have an idea in the morning and bring it to life by the afternoon...you just don't see that anywhere else.

    Jordan, Mechanical Engineer


  • You can actually balance your work, family, and even hobbies.

    Sam, Operations Associate


  • Everyone is here to help one another and everyone truly wants to see you succeed.

    Taryn, Events Marketing Manager


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