Simple Technology to Maximize Your Farm

Customize and upgrade the equipment you already own.

Partner with a Precision Planting Dealer

A Precision Planting dealer is your partner throughout the season for recommendations, support, and training.

  1. Schedule an Equipment Evaluation

    A Precision Planting Dealer will meet with you and evaluate your planting and harvest equipment.

  2. Get a Customized Upgrade Plan

    Your Dealer will provide you with the best first step to maximize your investment.

  3. Receive Ongoing Training and Consultation

    That’s just the start. Your Dealer will prepare you to use the simple technology and be there to support you throughout each season.

Join Us and See

Attend a Precision Planting event to get the most out of your equipment and your crop.

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Hear From Growers

We see firsthand the high stakes that every growing season brings to your family. That’s why we’ve spent over 25 years bringing confidence to farms like yours.


Learn Together

You know the best way to learn is by getting your boots dirty. We’ve logged our hours in the field, and we’re committed to sharing what we know, now and into the future.