Broadcast vs. Banding Fertilizer Study

Fertilizer Conventional Broadcast vs Banding

Key Points

  • Economic Increase: There is still much to be seen in this 10-year study, but we have seen economic increases of $30-50/acre by utilizing banded fertilizer.
  • Tillage Considerations: A major benefit of strip tilling that we have seen is the opportunity to band fertilizer at the bottom of the tillage strip.
  • Upfront Cost: A key recognition in this study is that a higher upfront cost doesn’t inherently mean lower efficiency if there is a significant yield impact.

If we put fertilizer right where the root is, how much more efficient can we be?

Broadcasting fertilizer is one of the most popular application methods for fertilizer, but what are the agronomic and economic benefits of banding fertilizer instead?

It’s no secret that liquid fertilizer is typically more expensive upfront than dry fertilizer, which is why comparing both banded and broadcast fertilizer applications is the key part of this study.

We’re asking questions like: Can you make more money on the farm? Can you use less fertilizer? What are the major benefits and considerations?

In this collection of studies, we explore the yield, profit, and efficiency results we're seeing in our 10-year band vs. broadcast fertilizer study:

Broadcast vs. Banding Fertilizer Study Results

In-Depth Study Videos

InsidePTI S3•E11

Band vs. Broadcast Fertilizer ‣ Corn

InsidePTI S4•E07

Strip Till Liquid vs. Dry Fertilizer

InsidePTI S2•E32

Banding vs Broadcast

Study Details 

Study data collected 2020-2022 at the PTI Farm in Pontiac, IL.

Planting DateVaried By YearRotationCAB 
Row Width30” (2021-2022) & 20” (2020)Population36K
Corn Prices

2022 - $6.00

2021 - $5.00

2020 - $3.75


2022 - DKC 59-82

2021 - DKC 65-95

2020 - GH 10D21, 10L16

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