CornerStone Planting System

Complete Planting System

CornerStone®, from Precision Planting, is a fully custom, factory-built planting system with integrated Precision Planting hardware. Gain unmatched planting performance through ease of in-field use, simple adjustments for changing planting conditions, and best-in-class durability and serviceability.
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What is CornerStone®?

A Complete Planting System

Engineered specifically for Precision Planting products.

Custom, Factory-Built

CornerStone can optionally ship from the factory with many components already installed - both mechanical and electronic. Enjoy the convenience of a finished system with the ability to pick and choose which components you want.

CornerStone is a complete planting system - everything but the planter bar.

Fully Integrated

The CornerStone Planting System comes standard with a load cell and electronics already installed, allowing for easy expansion of products. Special adapter plates are no longer needed. 

CornerStone from Precision Planting is a fully-custom, factory-built, planting system.

Optimized for the Farmer

CornerStone's design is optimized for performance, simple adjustment, ease of in-field use, maintenance, and wear. The hundreds of tweaks made during research and development give you a unique planting system that is unlike your current row unit. 

CornerStone is a complete planting system, customized from cleaning to closing.


CornerStone was announced at Winter Conference 2024 as the newest product in the Precision Planting lineup. After beta testing in 2024, it will be pending full availability for the 2025 growing season. 

CornerStone is compatible with all standard-height 7x7 planter bars. Simply mount to the bar of your choice. 

Standard Integrations

  • Conceal mounting interface   
  • FurrowForce mounting interface  
  • DuraWear gauge wheel arm and parallel arm pivot bushing systems  
  • QA bracket that accepts all QA attachments (FurrowJet, SmartFirmer, and Keeton Seed Firmers)  
  • Depth true-up adjustment feature in handle assembly 
  • Row harness routing and protection 
  • Lift switch mounting 

Key Features

  • Rear-tipping hopper system (mini, 1.6bu, 3.0bu)  
  • Trailing gauge wheel design  
  • Top-adjust closing alignment cam-nut system  
  • Heavy duty 15” opening discs with optimized spindle angle and wear-out indicator  
  • Robust seed tube guard design and shank interface  
  • Dedicated SRM and module mounting  
  • 14” of vertical travel, with built-in travel stop provision  


When Can I Buy CornerStone?

Commercial availability is pending for 2025.

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