Banded nitrogen placement

John Deere planter upgraded with Precision Planting Conceal banded fertilizer gauge wheels.
The most efficient time to place fertilizer is during the planter pass, but many planter nitrogen attachments are bulky, messy, and high-maintenance. Conceal is a planter fertility attachment that is cleanly tucked into the row unit and places nutrition in the soil 3 inches away from the seed.
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How Conceal Works

Hidden Planter Fertility

Add fertilizer when and where plants need it

Put Nitrogen Where It Should Be

Conceal is a simple nutrient placement device that places fertilizer in a band, and incorporates it into the soil, where the plant will be able to get nutrients during the critical ear set stage. Apply either a single or a dual band of nutrients, down beside the row.

Conceal places nitrogen in dual bands, away from the seed

Consistent Placement Around Every Turn

Since the knife places the fertilizer directly beside the seed, the distance from fertilizer to seed is always consistent. And, since the knife is running in conjunction with the gauge wheel, it places the fertilizer at a constant depth relative to the seed.

Conceal, a banded fertilizer attachment, offers consistent placement around every turn

Completely Integrated Into the Row Unit

Conceal almost can't be seen on the row unit, tucked away inside the gauge wheel, where it does its job without increased row unit length or bulk that typically comes with nitrogen attachments. With the knife mounted to the front of the row unit, it does not interfere with the gauge wheel.

Illustration of Conceal vs. traditional fertilizer attachments bounce across uneven terrain.

Broadcast Applications are Inefficient

A more efficient way to place fertilizer is to band the fertilizer in the row, just like we place the seeds. These banded nutrients should also be placed under the soil surface where they will stay in the soil, instead of being prone to volatilization when spread on top of the soil surface.

proven by trials

Conceal Trial Results ‣ Soybeans

See which fertilizer product applied through Conceal returned almost a $37/acre net profit in our trials.

Conceal Split Nitrogen Trials ‣ Corn

By shifting portions of your nitrogen application to the planter, you'll gain almost a $50/acre return on investment.

Conceal Single vs. Dual Band Trials ‣ Corn

In this study, a dual-band application of nitrogen beat the single-band application by 7.1 Bu/A.

Finding the Right Tool for Fertilizer Placement

The Pitzner Family trialed different liquid fertilizer application products before finding a hidden gem with Conceal. 

Conceal + FurrowJet = Five Application Points

FurrowJet places fertilizer on top of the seed and 3/4" away from the seed on either side of the seed, which is the ideal placement for phosphorous starters and other seed-safe products. Whereas, Conceal places nitrogen in the soil 3 inches away from the seed on either side of the furrow. Pair them together to get three more options for fertilizer placement.

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Product Resources

Conceal Resources

Download operation guides and watch installation videos here!

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