Winter Conference 2024 » Your Future Planter is in Your Machine Shed

In a typical year, only 5% of farms will purchase a brand-new, factory-built planter.

What to expect in this video:

New equipment is expensive. So, what if you could get shiny paint and technology that maximizes your yield, time, and profitability, without buying a whole new planter? 

What if that level of performance was available to everyone, no matter their farming situation? We believe everyone deserves a better planter, so we share ways to get the most out of your current planter.   


Doug Wiegand walks through the most important agronomic practices to establish a successful crop and the mechanical planter parts that help you get there.  

  • Clean the residue [with Reveal
  • Create the seed trench [with SmartFirmer and DeltaForce] 
  • Close the furrow [with FurrowForce] 


Then, Caleb Schleder dives into the timeline of upgrading the corn planter on his family’s farm, and how the new CornerStone Planting System from Precision Planting would have been a great fit for their retrofit journey. Why CornerStone? 

  • Integrated Precision Planting - load cell and electronics already installed.  
  • Custom factory-built - Ships with components already installed, mechanical and electronic.  
  • Optimized – design, performance, adjustment, ease of in-field use, maintenance and wear.   
» Check out CornerStone with augmented reality!

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