Automated downforce control

Corn in early growth stage.
Running a single downforce setting across an entire field causes yield loss because the setting is rarely correct. DeltaForce is an automated row by row downforce control system that measures and adjusts downforce every time there is variability in your field, so your crops will thrive for optimal yields.
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Take the Guesswork Out of Downforce

DeltaForce's automated downforce system gives you peace of mind.

Simplicity Through Automation

Downforce on the planter is one of the most important settings on the planter to be adjusted for different zones and conditions in a field. Thankfully there is a tool available to address the common issues with visibility and downforce control – DeltaForce. 

DeltaForce hero image

Row-by-Row Accuracy

DeltaForce replaces the springs or airbags on a planter with hydraulic cylinders and load cells that measure how much weight is being carried on the row unit gauge wheels 200 times per second and keep it consistent. The operator sets a weight that should be carried on the gauge wheels, and DeltaForce does the rest.

Optimal Furrow Creation

Your row unit needs the right amount of downforce. Not too heavy, not too light, just like the story of Goldilocks. With the power of automated downforce control, you’ll gain consistent and optimal furrows for the best root development, which in turn offers ideal nutrient and water uptake for the seed. 

DeltaForce automates down force on planters from Precision Planting

Uniform Seed Placement and Emergence

DeltaForce cylinders maintain the same weight on the gauge wheels of every row, even across the variation of a field or from equipment. Getting the seed to the bottom of the trench ensures proper root development and consistent emergence, which in turn, increases yield. 

eSet meters offer improved singulation for John Deere vacuum systems

"The first spring with our planter was very damp and cold. Due to adverse conditions, we are confident that just the investment in DeltaForce alone paid for the entire planter retrofit. Our crop still came up with relatively uniform emergence despite the tough planting conditions."

Emily and Ryan Ponwith check the furrow after planting with DeltaForce.

Emily Ponwith



We've Done Our Homework

So you don't have to.

Chart showing yield comparisons between light downforce, automated downforce, and excess downforce

DownForce Study ‣ Multi-Year Corn

Our data shows that DeltaForce could have a potential ROI of nearly $100,000 across 5 years on 800 acres using a 16-row planter.

» See the Study Here

Downforce Study ‣  Corn

In our 3-year study at the PTI Farm, we've found that too little or too excessive downforce can cut corn yields by almost 19 bu/a.

Downforce Study ‣  Soybeans

Our 2020 study of downforce in soybeans showed up to 3.5 bu/a decrease in yield with an incorrect downforce setting.


Take a Look at the 20|20

Automatic control and real-time data.

Home Screen

By looking at the downforce metric on the home screen, you can quickly ensure that all rows have enough downforce to maintain 100% ground contact and how much additional margin the planter is carrying. See which row has the highest or least downforce.

DeltaForce automates the change in down force pressure on the row units as you're going through the field.


This downforce details page shows row-by-row information. See exactly how much margin each row is carrying or how often that row is losing contact with the ground. This page also shows how much downforce is required to achieve the downforce target. 

Watch your downforce metrics on the 20|20 in the cab with Precision Planting.

Dual Maps

You can easily see how more applied downforce was required from DeltaForce in this field as the row hopper became lighter and when the hoppers were refilled with seed in the middle of the field. By viewing the maps side-by-side you can see which rows were working harder to achieve consistent downforce.

View downforce maps side by side in the 20|20 with DeltaForce from Precision Planting.

Hear From Growers

Brad McAfee, Indiana

With multiple soil types in one pass, Brad is astonished by the accurate control in down force. 

Emily and Ryan Ponwith from Minnesota

Emily Ponwith, Minnesota

Ponwith Farms shares that you don’t have to do it all at once with the approach they took to pick and choose their planter upgrades in this article.

Matt Chambers, Iowa

"DeltaForce is very important in our terrain to give us proper down pressure and consistent seed depth in our variable soils."

“We farm a variety of soil types, field shapes, and sizes, with different tillage practices to suit. We were really looking for better downforce control and how to become more efficient in how the seeds were going in the ground. The combination of the 20|20 to let us monitor what’s actually going on with the performance of the planter, as well as the downforce control automatically moving from field to field, gave us that control.”

Grant Hannah, farmer from Illinois

Grant Hannah, Illinois


The Goldilocks Theory

The Importance of Accurate Down Pressure.

Product Resources

How to Operate DeltaForce

Let's walk through the mechanics behind DeltaForce and what it looks like on the 20|20.

White wrench icon inside a green circle outline.

DeltaForce Product Resources

Operation manuals and quick reference guides

» DeltaForce Resources

Applied Force Map

The applied force map evaluates the field and planter conditions, not DeltaForce performance.

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