Frame-mounted row cleaner

Reveal is a frame-mounted row cleaner from Precision Planting.
Row unit-mounted row cleaners hurt row-unit ride and affect downforce requirements. Reveal is frame-mounted, removing its impact on the row-unit. With its own internal gauge wheel and treader wheels, Reveal precisely controls the depth of the cleaning tines to create a consistently clean and ideal seeding environment for even emergence to occur.
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Optimum Row Cleaner Performance

Without compromising the row-unit ride.

Frame Mounted

The frame-mounted row cleaner removes as much residue as possible without removing soil and eliminating the negative effects that row unit-mounted row cleaners have on row-unit ride and changing downforce.

Reveal, the frame-mounted row cleaner from Precision Planting, removes as much residue as possible without removing soil.

Exceptional Flotation

The internal gauge wheel gives more flotation in loose soil allowing the row cleaner to engage consistently with the ground without removing too much dirt. Growers that plant into conventional tillage and loose conditions love this feature of Reveal.

Reveal, from Precision Planting, is a frame mounted row cleaner.

Independent, Adjustable Tine Depth

Set the pressure you need to keep the internal gauge wheel or no-till coulter in the ground, eliminating the bounce of the row cleaner. Then use a T-handle to set how deep the cleaning tines operate for excellent cleaning.

How to Adjust Cleaning Tine Depth on Reveal

Why choose Reveal over traditional row cleaners?

  • Better Flotation​
  • ​Better Ground Engagement​
  • Improved Cleaning​
  • Reduced Row Unit Wear​
  • Lower Row Unit Downforce​
  • Smoother Path For Row Unit​

See It In Action

Customize reveal

Choose Your Wheels

Which one matches your needs?

Reveal is a frame-mounted row cleaner from Precision Planting.

Tine Wheel

The tine wheel is the best all-around wheel. It has effective residue cleaning without moving large amounts of dirt.

Reveal, from Precision Planting, is a  frame-mounted row cleaner.

Blade Wheel

Blade wheels have aggressive cleaning ability that is effective in heavy no-till residue and cover crops.

Reveal is a frame-mounted row cleaner from Precision Planting.

Treader Wheel

Treaders are beneficial in all conditions. They give flotation ahead of the cleaning wheel and act as a fender for the residue and soil to keep the wheels clean. We recommend running treaders with either blade or tine wheels.

Choose Your Wheel Configuration

Reveal is a customizable row cleaner platform that allows you to choose the combination of wheels that match your field conditions. Take a look at these common systems to the right. 

The standard configuration is the best all-around solution for optimal cleaning performance in many different environments. The treader and gauge wheel combo has exceptional flotation ability making it the go-to in conventional tillage systems. 

Chat with your local Precision Planting Premier Dealer to see which fit is the best for your planter. 

We've Done The Research

Reveal In-Field Performance 

Keeping residue out of the seed trench is imperative to get consistent germination and emergence. To do this, it takes a row cleaner that can remove the surface residue and not impact the operation of the row-unit. See how Reveal looks behind the planter with an explanation from Precision Planting Agronomists, Cory Muhlbauer and Aaron Herrmann.

Hear From Growers

Carl Dodge | Iowa

“Every metric that we are tracking that makes a difference–singulation, spacing, good ride quality–the number one row unit, every single time, was one of the two rows that we had the Reveal row cleaners on. And I just know that that's because they are not mounted onto the row unit.”

David Myers | Texas

"We are capable of running a little bit faster with the Reveal system. We get a little more consistency without bouncing our bar. It's allowed me to to push 7-8 miles an hour when I don't think I could do more than 4.5 miles per hour in the conditions I'm in with our no-till operation."

Product Resources

Reveal Resources

Looking for your operation manual, guides, and compatibility charts? Download them here!

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