Accurate liquid control made simple

EMHD gives you all the precision and application rates and opens up your options for a wider range of products.
EMHD controls liquid application rates using an electromagnetic flow meter. This opens up your options for a wider range of liquid products. Use the liquid product you want with the accuracy you need with EMHD.
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Liquid Fertilizer Applicators

how it works

One Module, Two Uses

Control liquid fertilizer on your planter and sidedress bar.

Made For a Wide Range of Liquid Products

EMHD is robust against debris and the viscosity of the fluid no longer matters. With a less fine filter, EMHD can accept a wider variety of solutions than vApplyHD

Accurate Control

The EMHD modules can be configured in either section control or row-by-row control. The result is your liquid fertilizer is applied at the correct rate while the 20|20 display in the cab gives you knowledge of how that application is occurring.   

Watch your Nitrogen application in real-time on the 20|20 in the tractor cab.

EMHD performs well with any grade of liquid fertilizer or liquid products, even those in suspension, such as biologicals. 


Row-by-Row Swath

Gain swath control on a row-by-row basis to save product and money. 

Liquid Prescriptions

Utilize prescriptions to apply product at the rate you want, where you want it.

Turn Compensation

The flow meter automatically adjusts the pressure on curves to keep the rate consistent.

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Endless Customization

For your liquid system with Precision Planting products.

Brendan Bogner | Illinois 

“Any time you can save on your input costs—no different than your seed—and be able to control the sections individually now. Knowing you’re not over-applying or under-applying was a big benefit for us. In our old system, it just put the fertilizer across the board and you never knew what each individual row was doing. Now we have the ability to see with the 20|20 monitor what, row-by-row, each one’s putting on.”

Jon Peters | Illinois

"We ended up going with two vApply modules on our planter. We've got three tanks - a tank for nitrogen for doing our end rows and two tanks for starter fertilizer. We're putting the starter in-furrow with FurrowJet and we're putting our nitrogen on with Conceal."


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