Planter-wide automated downforce control

John Deere 4250 tractor pulling an 8-row planter.
A single downforce setting across the entire field leads to too much downforce in some areas and too little in others, causing lost yield. AirForce is a downforce control system that measures variability in the field and automatically adjusts your downforce needs to changing field environments, so you stop sacrificing yield as environments in your fields change.
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Be in Control of Your Planter Downforce

With planter-wide adjustment control from the cab.

Quick Adjustment with 20/20 SeedSense

No more getting out of the cab to manually adjust every single row. Set your planter-wide downforce amount from the cab and every row will be set. Since AirForce was designed for the first and second generations of the 20|20 monitor, it is not compatible with the Gen 3 20|20.

Airforce is a planter-wide downforce tool that uses the (Gen 2) 20/20 SeedSense.

Importance of Downforce Management

Compaction created by excess downforce carried on the planter's depth gauge wheels will compact soil and remove pore space in the soil. With too little downforce, the seed trench is not created at the depth that the row-unit was set to, and the seeds are placed too shallow, in dry soil, causing late emergence and smaller ears or barren plants.

Incorrect downforce pressure causes emergence issues.


We've Done Our Homework

So you don't have to.

Chart showing yield comparisons between light downforce, automated downforce, and excess downforce

DownForce Study ‣ Multi-Year Corn

Our data shows that DeltaForce could have a potential ROI of nearly $100,000 across 5 years on 800 acres using a 16-row planter.

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Downforce Study ‣  Corn

In our 3-year study at the PTI Farm, we've found that too little or too excessive downforce can cut corn yields by almost 19 bu/a.

Downforce Study ‣  Soybeans

Our 2020 study of downforce in soybeans showed up to 3.5 bu/a decrease in yield with an incorrect downforce setting.

For Row-by-Row Control, Select DeltaForce

DeltaForce takes the principles of AirForce and applies them to each row of the planter individually. The DeltaForce system uses a hydraulic cylinder and load cell on each row to manage the downforce on every row of the planter.  Where AirForce does a great job at changing for large zone variation in the field, DeltaForce adds to that control for small changes, foot-by-foot changes, such as wheel tracks and row-to-row variation. 

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Product Resources

See the operation manual and quick reference guide.

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