High-speed seed delivery system

Most planting seasons have weather challenges that make it difficult to plant all your fields in ideal conditions. SpeedTube is a seed delivery system that allows you to double your planting speed without sacrificing performance. You’ll have a sense of accomplishment when the rain comes and your planter is already back in the shed.
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What Is SpeedTube?

Plant at High Speeds

Without compromising seeding accuracy.

Double Your Speed

SpeedTube uses two feeder wheels to pull seeds off of the vSet disk, into a flighted belt, and into the seed trench. The seeds don't bounce in the tube because they are under control, or tumble in the furrow because the seed release is matched to ground speed.

Work With the Weather

More often than we wish, we have to plant outside of the optimal planting window. But with SpeedTube on your planter, you can be ready to beat the weather and plant when it's ideal. 

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With SpeedTube on your planter, you can be ready to beat the weather and plant when it's ideal.

Think Agile, Not Cumbersome

Instead of purchasing a larger planter which turns into costly equipment payments along with logistical challenges, upgrade the planter that you currently have to meet your needs. You'll be able to cover more acres per hour, accurately, and hit the ideal planting window.

SpeedTube is a high-speed seed delivery system from Precision Planting.

Upgrade your current planter

Increasing Planter Productivity

How do I get more productivity out of the planer I already have?

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Hear From Growers

Grant Hannah | Illinois

"We didn't really want to buy a bigger planter, and after installing SpeedTube with the help of our local dealer, we were able to increase the acres that we were covering per hour by 40% and not give up the performance that we need."

Product Resources

SpeedTube Resources

Download operation manuals and setup guides here!

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