Maintenance-free electric drive system

Case IH planter with Precision Planting's vDrive electric drive system upgrade.
Mechanical drive systems require costly and time-consuming maintenance. vDrive is a maintenance-free electric drive system that lets you breeze through planting without the headaches of a mechanical drive system.
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Simplify Your Planter

With an electric drive system.

Save Time and Maintenance

Adding vDrive works because it's simple. Save time, money, and frustration, and keep your planter rolling with vDrive. No more replacing bearings!

Replace complex drive systems with vDrive from Precision Planting.

Replace Complex Drive Systems

vDrive replaces the mechanical drive system, simplifying your planter. A vDrive motor mounts to each vSet meter and makes that row a single-row planter because that row is controlled individually.


Control vDrive with 20|20

Gain insight and control with a 20|20 in the cab.

vDrive from Precision Planting is a maintenance-free electric drive system, controlled by the 20|20.

What Is the Benefit of the 20|20?

  • See high-definition, real-time mapping
  • Visualize seeding data
  • Change population on the go
  • Manually or automatically control swath
  • See individual row diagnostics, such as:
    • Amp draw, speed of vDrive, stability, command and actual
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vDrive Features

Variable Rate

Changing seeding rates based on the yield potential of different areas of the field just makes sense. vDrive hits the rates because each row can change population independently, rather than all rows planting the same population.

Individual Swath Control

vDrive allows the seed and insecticide meter to turn off, row-by-row, at a boundary or on previous coverage, making sure that you don't overspend on inputs.

Steady Population on Curves

With vDrive on your planter, each meter turns the speed that matches the speed of that row unit, so the plant population is correct on each row of the planter.

meter options

Precision Planting's vacuum meter vSet upgrade with corn 27-hole seed disc installed.

Add vSet Meters to Run vDrive on Your Planter

vSet seed meters singulate seeds accurately without any adjustments resulting in perfect seed placement throughout your field. They are a complete replacement for traditional meters that enable high-speed planting and electric drive. vSet meters are required to run vDrive. 

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Combine vDrive with mSet for Multi-Hybrid Capabilities

If you have variability in your field that calls for different seeding rates, could two different hybrids help you be more profitable in the different areas of the field? vSet and vDrive can be combined with the mSet Multi Hybrid system to vary not only population rates across the field but hybrids, too. 

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Hear From Growers

Matt Chambers | Iowa

Chambers farms added vDrive and DeltaForce and it was a good year for it, as planting conditions were not ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Precision Planting's electric seed meter drive system vDrive with insecticide attachment.

Get Insecticide Right, Too

The vDrive insecticide meter takes all the great features of vDrive and does them for your insecticide, too.

  • Proper rate regardless of speed
  • Swath control
  • Variable rate capabilities

Product Resources

vDrive Resources

Download operation manuals and guides here!

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