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Typical planters do not allow an on-the-go hybrid change, which doesn’t let you match hybrid to the field environment. mSet is a multi-hybrid planting system that allows you to plant two hybrids using a divided hopper with one vSet meter. mSet also works with SpeedTube for high-speed multi-hybrid planting.
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What is mSet?

Simplify Multi-Genetic Planting

With a single meter on a single row.

One Meter, One Box, Two Hybrids

A split hopper holds two hybrids, and a seed selector releases seeds from either side of the hopper, according to what's set in the 20|20. A seed level sensor in the meter tells the seed selector when more seed is needed and ensures that you don't run out of seed.

High-Speed Compatible

The mSet system, along with its vSet companion, can be utilized with both seed tubes and SpeedTube. The choice is yours - maximize the potential of each area of the field at a traditional speed, or maximize genetics and efficiency by pairing multi-hybrid planting with high-speed planting.

vSet meters from Precision Planting are compatible with electric drive and high-speed solutions.

Row-by-Row Prescriptions

mSet utilizes a seed selector and a single vSet meter to be able to plant two different hybrids in the field as the planter passes through the varying areas of the field, according to the prescriptions that have been paired with the 20|20.

Aerial view of multi-hybrids planted with mSet.
mSet pairs with Precision Planting's 20|20, vSet meter, and vDrive electric drive to offer visualization through the monitor.

Visualize Performance on the 20|20

mSet pairs with Precision Planting's 20|20, vSet meter, and vDrive electric drive to offer visualization through the monitor in the cab. Watch feedback on seeding in real-time. 

A Gen 3 20|20 or Gen 2 20/20 SeedSense is required. 

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Build Your Planter System

mSet is One Piece of the Multi-Hybrid System

Pair with a meter, electric drive and high-speed.

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The Right Meter

[Required] A vSet meter powers mSet for multi-hybrid planting.

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Powered by Electric Drive

[Required] vDrive converts your planter to electric drive.

» Learn more About vDrive
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Plant at High Speeds

[Optional] Add SpeedTube to get equal spacing performance at higher planting speeds.

» Learn More About SpeedTube

Room For Expansion

If today you decide to add vSet to your planter with mini hoppers for a single hybrid and then in the future add the mSet seed selector, you use the hopper you already have. If you want to move from mini hoppers to a 1.6-bushel single hybrid or dual hybrid hopper, you simply add on to your existing mini hopper. A purchase today is an investment in your planter for the long term, without needing to switch out hoppers with each additional upgrade.

Multi-Hybrid 3 Step System

3 Steps to Multi-Hybrid Success

Give Your Crop the Best Opportunity to Maximize Yield

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Step 1

Create spatial management zones to define soil variability.

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Step 2

Position the correct genetics in each created zone.

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Step 3

Use proper planting equipment to automatically switch genetics on-the-fly while planting.

They Are Different, So Why Not Treat Them Differently?

Not every acre you farm is the same. That is why you make different fertility plans for different fields, have different tillage practices, and even select different hybrids for different fields. But what about the variability that exists within a single field, even a single pass?


Product Resources

mSet Resources

Download operation guides and watch setup videos here!

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