Clutch and hydraulic drive control

RowFlow is a simple-to-use system to take command of swath control, prevent overlap, save seed, and plant variable rates with ease, saving you time and eliminating frustration while improving your yield.
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Why RowFlow?

Easy Row Shutoff

For the planter you already own.

Save Seed With RowFlow

Eliminating double-planted areas of a field can provide significant seed savings. RowFlow pairs with most row shutoff clutches and hydraulic motors on the market. Plug in the RowFlow system to the motors, clutches and 20|20 system, and you are ready to go.

Individual swath control saves seed with vDrive from Precision Planting.

Easy Setup and Automatic Calibration

Most clutch control systems are a challenge to get set right. But not RowFlow. Combining seed sensor readings with the ability to calibrate before going to the field ensures you will be able to get your swath control set accurately.

RowFlow Clutch Control

Better Diagnostics. Better Visibility.

RowFlow uses two-speed sources, so you have a consistent population when you are speeding up or slowing down. RowFlow controls the seed drop, so the 20|20 only paints to seed coverage, giving you a more accurate reading in the cab.

RowFlow offers clutch and hydraulic drive control through the 20/20 SeedSense.

Remove the Chains and Headaches With vDrive

RowFlow is the industry standard in clutch and hydraulic drive control but it still uses the traditional drive system on the planter, which needs yearly maintenance and looking over with a fine-tooth comb. vDrive removes those drive system components to give you swath control, variable rate, and turn compensation, all with the simplicity of the industry's most accurate seed meter and the most widely adopted electric drive on the market.

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RowFlow Resources

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