Measure row-by-row fertilizer rates

Current fertilizer flow meters tell you if fertilizer is flowing, not the rate that is being applied on each row. FlowSense allows you to measure the rate of fertilizer you are applying on each row of your planter or sidedress bar, to make you aware of any row-to-row variability that is occurring so that you can be confident in your application rate.
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Liquid Fertilizer Applicators

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More Than Just Monitoring

Watch liquid application rates in real-time.

See What is Really Happening

When it comes to liquid application, rates, plumbing, pumps, and pulsation, there are a lot of working parts that sometimes have unknown problems. FlowSense gives you the actual liquid application rate on each row, not just if it's flowing or not.

Take your 20|20 from the planter to the sidedress bar for fertilizer application.

Catch Issues Early

With flow being displayed on the 20|20 in the cab, you will know what rate each row is receiving, and be able to fix issues as soon as they start to occur. Find an issue before it’s too late. 

FlowSense Options

Choose Your FlowSense Module

Depending on the product you want to apply.

FlowSense AUX module has one flow path for one product to control liquid on your planter or sidedress bar.

AUX FlowSense

The AUX module has one flow path for one product. There is a low flow (.07-.90 gpm) and high flow (.20-2.5 gpm) option. Requires an 80-mesh filter.

CAN Flowsense module from Precision Planting monitors the application rate of fertilizer on planters and sidedress bars.*

CAN FlowSense

The CAN module offers two paths for two different products on a single row. Choose from low flow (.07-.90 gpm), high flow (.20-2.5 gpm), or one of each. Requires an 80-mesh filter.

EM FlowSense, from Precision Planting, measures row-by-row fertilizer rates on planters and sidedress bars.

EM FlowSense™

EM FlowSense has one path for one product and powers flow from .07-3.5 GPM. It is designed with no physical components in the liquid stream, so it works well with any grade of fertilizer–even thick products and products in suspension. A 50-mesh filter is recommended.

Take a Look at the 20|20

See What You’re Applying

The Gen 3 20|20 gives exceptional visibility into the products you are applying. Watch your application flow and pressure through FlowSense with the 20|20 monitor in the cab. Get the most out of your 20|20 by moving it from implement to implement. 

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FlowSense from Precision Planting monitors liquid fertilizer application on your planter or sidedress bar.

Gain Control

FlowSense Has Monitoring Covered

Want to control flow, too? You have options.

Pair FlowSense with EMHD for Control

FlowSense monitors flow and EMHD controls the flow. Paired together, you can fully manage your fertilizer application from the cab. EMHD gives you the flexibility to use a wide variety of solutions and suspension products. 

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Precision Planting EMHD electromagnetic liquid and dry fertilizer product rate sensing and control.

Control + Monitoring All in One with vApplyHD

vApplyHD is a control system that incorporates flow measurement, rate control, and swath control into one module that can be configured for section or row-by-row control. Choose vApplyHD for filtered starter fertilizer solutions.

Precision Planting's vApplyHD liquid fertilizer rate control module.


Product Resources

See the operation guide and system checklist.

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