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20|20 in tractor cab
You cannot change what you cannot see. Let the 20|20 system lead you to better decisions as it monitors, controls, and diagnoses your field conditions and equipment performance in real-time.
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Why 20|20?

Data Drives Decisions

Get real-time data from your sprayer with the 20|20 system.

Control From The Cab

The Gen3 20|20 shows clear feedback from the SymphonyNozzle with metrics such as individual nozzle duty cycle, so you can see the performance of your sprayer front and center with every pass. Set your rate and pressure on the home screen and quickly adjust as needed in the field.  

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John Deere sprayer using SymphonyNozzle from Precision Planting

Nozzle-by-Nozzle Control, Independent of Rate and Pressure

Achieve consistent droplet size on your sprayer with SymphonyNozzle™ through nozzle-by-nozzle control, independent of rate and pressure. Visualize real-time application metrics and maps on the 20|20 monitor. Hit your programmed target rate and pressure, no matter the operating conditions, while reducing overlap. 

Gen 3 20|20 shown in the cab of a sprayer, monitoring and controlling Symphony.

Customize your view

Take control of the data you collect and how you view it.

  • PWM Nozzle Duty Cycle: A percentage showing the amount of work each nozzle is performing to achieve the desired application rate.   
  • Product Rate: Application rate in gallons per acre, shown in a boom-wide average as well as nozzle-by-nozzle.   
  • Pressure: Controlled pressure reading in pounds per square inch (PSI). Ensures target droplet size and spray pattern is achieved.  
  • Summary Information: Once you’re done spraying, you can find data for the total field acres covered and total summaries of gallons per acre of product applied through the 20|20.  
Make better spraying decisions with SymphonyNozzle from Precision Planting
Green tractor as it maps on a 20|20


High-definition maps illustrate detailed data per row. Show two maps side by side and product performance.

Green gear icon


Power and monitor electronic products through the 20|20 to see how they perform in real-time.

Finger controlling a 20|20


Gain control over your most challenging applications through advanced products and automation capabilities.

Choose Your Display Size

The 20|20 from Precision Planting is now offered in a 16" screen.

If you desire to see more metrics and maps side by side on your 20|20, then the 16" display is for you!

  • 2x the widget locations - perfect for visualizing more data on a single display.   
  • Cross-display control of the most used home-screen features, so you can mount additional displays wherever makes the most sense in your cab.   
  • 5-Port ethernet switch is in beta testing to allow multiple screen combinations in 2024. 

There will be limited commercial sales in 2024. Check with your local Precision Planting Premier Dealer for availability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

See your data outside of the cab

Manage 20|20 maps and data in Panorama™

  • View, share, and analyze 20|20 data everywhere. 
  • See data in row-by-row maps, field average reports, and yield comparisons. 
  • Automate the process of sending data from your 20|20 to other trusted platforms. 
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See your 20|20 data outside of the cab with Precision Planting's Panorama system.

product resources

20|20 Resources

Find operator guides and watch setup videos here!

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20|20 Software Downloads

Download the latest 20|20 software version here!

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Manage 20|20 maps and data

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