Achieving Consistent Emergence Takes a System

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Consistent emergence doesn't happen by accident. It takes a planting system that manages the environment seed is placed in and leaves the soil with no evidence the planter was ever there. The system has to not only put the seed in the ground but also allow the plant to thrive throughout the season. The 5-Step Precision Planting Emergence System allows you to have control over the planter so that each seed has the optimum opportunity to emerge consistently. 

Step 1: Control the Planter

Every pass across the field needs not just data, but in-depth knowledge of what is happening with your seed and equipment. The 20|20 is your planter control center in the cab. It gives you the confidence that your planter is working the best that it can. 

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Step 2: Clear Residue

Removal of residue from in front of the row-unit prevents last year's crop residue from being hair pinned in the seed trench and wicking moisture away from the seed. Adjust your existing row cleaners from the cab with CleanSweep to remove surface residue and keep it from getting mixed in with the seed. Or try Reveal, our frame-mounted row cleaner, with its own internal gauge wheel. 

Step 3: Maintain Depth 

Seeds need to be placed at the optimal depth, but sometimes that comes with the cost of compaction from excess downforce. Making sure that there is enough weight to maintain depth without using any excess is key. Get downforce right with DeltaForce, an automated row-by-row system that measures gauge wheel weight and adjusts every second providing you consistent depth without compaction.

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Step 4: Firm the Seed

Seeds need to be firmed into the bottom of the furrow to ensure there are no air pockets around them. Air pockets insulate the seeds and cause delays in emergence. SmartFirmer gently presses every seed into the bottom of the furrow while also measuring available moisture. Based on moisture readings, you can adjust planting depth to ensure consistent emergence. 

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Step 5: Destroy the Furrow

Once seed is placed, the trench needs to be destroyed and returned to its original state. It's important to have a consistent density around the seed for moisture to move in and roots to develop unobstructed. FurrowForce is an automated two-stage closing system with integrated sensing that closes the furrow from the bottom up and then firms the soil to the correct density. This ensures the seed has a chance to obtain needed moisture.

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