The Secret to Why Most Planters Still Don’t Achieve the Best Stands

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Reduce complexity, improve planter performance, and maximize profitability

Your Planter Wasn’t Designed for Your Fields

Your stock factory planter should be capable of creating a nearly perfect stand. Unfortunately, it was designed for the average field (not your fields), which means average profitability. That’s about to change. 

We’ve helped many farmers tackle this issue. Below you’ll find suggestions we most often recommend to increase your profitability.

Make these changes and you’ll increase your yields, gain higher profitability, and know your planter is planting at peak performance on your acres.


On a 16 row planter, there are at least 216 parts that make up a traditional ground drive system. That’s a lot of bearings, sprockets, chains, idlers, and tensioners that could go bad and need to be maintained every year. Even with good maintenance, there are still issues that can come up during planting. A bearing that seemed good in the shop can go out in the field. A tensioner can break. You’ve likely had something happen related to this system in past years costing you critical planting time when conditions are good.

Then you’ve got the actual cost of this maintenance besides the headaches. Over the last 8 years, tens of thousands of farmers have saved countless hours every year by adding vDrive to their planters and have experienced an electric drive system that’s maintenance-free. vDrive replaces the 13+ parts with just 1 on each row. That’s it.


Where do you set your springs or airbags? What happens when your seed hoppers empty or when you experience planting in different soil conditions? The answer? Nothing. Your springs stay in the same position or your airbags stay right where you set them. This results in your seed losing yield potential because it’s not planted deep enough or the sidewalls of your trench are so compacted that your plants’ roots have nowhere to go.

What if you could stop losing out on yield because your downforce was rarely correct for all areas of the field? You can. DeltaForce is an automated row-by-row downforce control system that measures and adjusts downforce every time there is variability in your field. And you can add it to your current planter.

Many farmers will tell you that they’ve experienced their biggest profitability gains on their farm by adding DeltaForce.


Every season there’s an optimum window of time to plant. Have you ever been in the position where you couldn’t get all your acres planted quick enough and you had to settle for planting in less than ideal conditions? Then at harvest, it was even more apparent how good the optimum days were and how bad the others ended up yielding.

We believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice yield potential because you can’t get enough acres in the ground when the weather is perfect. You also don’t have to spend more money to buy a bigger planter or more planters to make it happen. We’ve seen that when farmers add SpeedTube to their existing planter they double their planting speed without sacrificing performance.

Grant Hannah after adding SpeedTube said, “We were able to increase the acres we cover per hour by 40% and not give up any performance. In one day we planted 400 acres with our 16-row planter before the rains came.”

Improving your planter performance is one of the quickest returns on investment you can make to your farming operation.

As you make decisions on how to maximize your profitability for an even greater return next season remember that improving your planter performance is one of the quickest returns on investment you can make to your farming operation.