Winter Conference 2024 » Modernizing Your Sprayer Technology

Does your sprayer do a good job applying consistently? Here's a quick check to see how much product you may be wasting:

Step 1: (Sprayed Acres – Planted Acres)/Planted Acres = % Overlap 
Step 2: % Overlap x Total Sprayer Product Cost = $ Wasted 

What to expect in this video:

Hear a product developer and an agronomist’s perspective on spray efficacy trials to determine how well sprayers are working, and dive into:

  • Differences in application rates, pressure, and speed. 
  • Variance among product labels, nozzle types, and droplet size.  
  • How to waste less product and save on input costs.  

Discover current and future technologies to improve your spraying efficacy and get the most out of your sprayer. 

  • Boom priming and recirculation with ReClaim 
  • Independent control of rate and pressure with SymphonyNozzle 
  • Vision tools coming soon! 


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