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John Deere sprayer using ReClaim from Precision Planting.
Priming traditional sprayer booms is a compromise between getting a full concentration of active ingredients at each nozzle and wasting too much product on the ground while trying to do so. ReClaim eliminates those problems by priming your booms before a nozzle ever opens. That means your first droplets are effective, and you can get back time, save product, and be a good steward of the environment with your own sprayer.
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How ReClaim Works

ReClaim Your Sprayer

Reclaim time, safety, and product, all with your existing sprayer.

Priming Shouldn't Be a Risk

Backing up to the ditch to spray enough product out to get the right concentration to every nozzle is time-consuming. On top of that, it dumps costly and potentially hazardous chemicals on your farmland, putting your operation and family's health at risk. ReClaim gives you a way to save those costs and eliminate those risks by adding a recirculation system to your sprayer. 

Recirculate and Save

ReClaim adds a new flow path from the ends of each nozzle bar section to the tank to ensure that you get the right concentration of product to every nozzle. With the flip of a switch, ReClaim starts flowing product through the system and then indicates to the operator when product has recirculated back to the tank.

Automate Your Boom Cleanout

ReClaim also provides improved boom cleanout. If your sprayer has a clean water tank, just open the flow from there and engage ReClaim.  Clean water will circulate through all boom lines and return back to the tank, eliminating end cap dead zones where sediment can accumulate.

ReClaim is safe and simple sprayer priming from Precision Planting.

See It In Action

ReClaim Side x Side Demo

Watch as we compare the time it takes to prime a sprayer with ReClaim vs. without.

“ReClaim provides farmers with better sprayer efficacy starting with the first drop, improving safety of the operator and the environment and greatly improving sprayer cleanout.”

Will Frank, Precision Planting Project Manager

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