Independent control of rate and pressure

John Deere sprayer upgraded with SymphonyNozzle and targeted spraying.
Spraying can be tedious at times and difficult to get the application just right. Gain independent control of rate and pressure to achieve consistent droplet size on your sprayer with SymphonyNozzle™ control. Visualize real-time application metrics and maps on the 20|20 monitor. Hit your programmed target rate and pressure, no matter the operating conditions, while reducing overlap.
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How SymphonyNozzle Works

Upgrade Without Switching Sprayers

Take charge of spraying accuracy.

Independent Control of Rate and Pressure

SymphonyNozzle™ is a pulse width modulation system (PWM), that is easy to install and simple to service. Maintain consistent rate and spray quality on your sprayer, even around turns and as you speed up and slow down.

Hagie sprayer equipped with SymphonyNozzle from Precision Planting

Variable Rate Application

When prescriptions and boundaries are loaded into the Gen 3 20|20 you can utilize swath control and further tailor your application rates. Save product when going through waterways and ditches and apply more product where it’s needed. 

Self-Service Nozzles

The custom-designed nozzle assembly does not require special tools for diagnostics or service. In conjunction with the point-to-point harnessing architecture, it is easy to install and maintain. SymphonyNozzle is the foundation for the expansion of sprayer technology. 

SymphonyNozzle from Precision Planting controls rate and pressure independently.

Full Control from the Cab

The Gen 3 20|20 shows clear feedback from SymphonyNozzle so you can see the performance of your sprayer front and center with every pass. Set your rate and pressure on the home screen and quickly adjust as needed in the field. 

Gen 3 20|20 shown in the cab of a sprayer, monitoring and controlling Symphony.

Mapping and Data Visualization

See the performance of your sprayer front and center on the 20|20.

Watch as Luke walks through the various metrics you can view on the 20|20 in real-time while spraying.


See your data outside of the cab

Manage 20|20 maps and data in Panorama™

  • View, share, and analyze 20|20 data everywhere. 
  • See data in row-by-row maps, field average reports, and yield comparisons. 
  • Automate the process of sending data from your 20|20 to other trusted platforms. 
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See your 20|20 data outside of the cab with Precision Planting's Panorama system.

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