Winter Conference 2024 » Banded Fertility for Every Pass

What to expect in this video:

What can you change to make a difference in your fertilizer program ROI? We explore different ways to approach banded fertility-both liquid and granular-in order to improve your fertilizer program. Hear a mix of agronomic research and equipment upgrades that can generate higher yields with your fertility program. 

Planter Fertility 

Soil nutrients are naturally abundant, but less than 1% are plant available. Therefore, fertilizer must be applied for optimum nutrition. How can you ensure your plants are getting the proper nutrition when and where they need it? 

  • Reallocate some nutrients to the planter through banded liquid application with FurrowJet and Conceal. 
  • Eliminate error with a 20|20 and EMHD control.  
  • Reduce soil test maintenance levels.  

In a 5-year fertilizer program trial, we saw an $88.1/A advantage of banding fertilizer versus broadcast applying. 

Granular Application 

What’s the accuracy of metering and monitoring of granular applicators, today? Not great. At Precision Planting, we often find ourselves at the intersection of technology, agronomy, and on-farm economics. With this in mind, we set out to create granular products that challenge the status quo.  

The RbR granular meter provides row-by-row, electric motor rate control, and consistent distribution of granular products on a planter or seeder. This product is designed to handle row crops, small grains, cover crops, and dry fertilizer. It provides row-by-row turn compensation, variable rate application control, and swath control. 

The Clarity system displays and maps flow variability and product blockage metrics, row-by-row, on the 20|20 monitor in the cab. Gain high-definition visibility into air seeders, box drills, dry fertilizer applicators, and strip-till bars in real-time. 

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