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Better Yields When Farming by the Inch

Last updated on November 22, 2023

Brian Hobbs | a corn farmer from Iowa

"Hi. My name is Brian Hobbs.

We farm in West Central Iowa, near Whiting Iowa, and we've been using Precision Planting products for four years now. I chose Precision Planting products because they were ahead of the curve on everybody else.

They're ahead of technology and offered the technologies to us faster than anybody else, and that really excited me. We started with the 20/20 SeedSense, AirForce and the vSet the first year we had it. Then have progressed to the vSet, DeltaForce, WaveVision seed tubes, and Keeton seed firmers.

So with our 20/20 SeedSense monitor, you can actually see what you're planting, if getting doubles, skips, and population, you know, in one row might be off. Before that, we never had the technology to do that.

And now I can see that I can get 99.9% right placement and, you know, 99.9% no skips and everything. Now, we could never see that before. So it really makes a big difference in the end.

"The main thing I learned on our farm is that we can get better yields if we farm by the inch."

Headshot of Iowa corn farmer, Brian Hobbs.

Brian Hobbs, Iowa

The main thing I learned on our farm is that we can get better yields if we farm by the inch, you know, with DeltaForce, it's constantly changing all the time with all our different soil types we have within the same field."

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