Getting the Most From Your Nutrient Dollar

Proven Practices:

  1. Shift 50% of fall applied phosphorus to liquid starter applied with the planter
  2. Split apply nitrogen during the growing season, when the plant needs it
  3. Band nutrients to gain fertilizer efficiency

Maximize Your Fertilizer ROI

Apply Fertilizer Strategically

Applying fertilizer at the wrong time causes your crop to miss out on the nutrients it needs.  Watch the video above to find out what happens to nutrients when they are not applied at the proper time.

Integrate Starter Into Your Program

When setting up your fertility program and calculating economics, it is important to look at all of your applications as a system, and to take into account the efficiencies that are associated with banded fertilizer.

Split Applications of Nitrogen Pay

When does the crop need nitrogen?  Where does the crop get its nitrogen? Nitrogen that is applied in the soil during the growing season provides the greatest yield from the same amount of fertilizer.

Banding Nutrients Increases Utilization

When nutrients are banded at the spot where the crop needs them vs. broadcast across the entire field, there is a gain in efficiency of that fertilizer that needs to be taken into account when calculating the economics of a fertility program.

Products for Accurate Rate and Placement 


Since phosphorus should be incorporated into your nutrient program with dollars reallocated, banded instead of broadcast, and placed right where the plant needs it, FurrowJet is the best way to place starter fertilizer. The tri-band placement of FurrowJet feeds the seedling roots and early crown roots to avoid hidden hunger and early yield loss. The tri-band also ensures that the plant is uptaking all of the P.  

Incorporate FurrowJet into your nutrient program to maximize your phosphorus dollar.


As part of a split applied nitrogen program, Conceal is the answer for precise Nitrogen application with the planter. Conceal places fertilizer for perfect uptake by the plant, even around curves or in rough terrain. Conceal also keeps the planter clean, while ensuring that the fertilizer is in the soil, where it is not lost.  Our research has shown that a split applied nitrogen program incorporating Conceal always pays.


The right placement is a large part of maximizing your fertility dollar, but getting the rate right is also critical.  Ensuring that each row, each plant really, is getting exactly what it needs will ensure maximum profitability. vApplyHD is controlled by the 20|20 and allows you to not only control rate across the planter or toolbar, but have the knowledge in the cab that you are getting the rate correct. 

Pair vApplyHD with FurrowJet and Conceal for the ultimate in rate and placement accuracy to get the most out of your nutrient dollar.

Accuracy During Sidedressing

20|20 + vApplyHD on the Sidedress Bar

Marc has used Precision Planting products on his planter for years, so using 20|20 on his sidedress bar made sense as he moved to in-season nitrogen applications.

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