Easily adjust applied rates on the go

Adjusting your liquid or granular product rates should be simple. With Precision Planting's RateController, you can easily adjust applied rates and compensate for speed changes on the go.
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What is RateController

Gain Rate Control of Liquid

Hydraulic Drive Control

Rather than buying expensive new equipment, Precision Planting's rate controller can bring new life to your existing liquid fertilizer applicator by controlling the pump with a PWM. Gain planter-wide or large section control of liquid fertilizer and compensate for speed changes on the go.

Easily adjust applied rates on the go with RateController from Precision Planting.

Variable Rate and Prescriptions

The Rate Controller can be used by itself to execute variable rate prescriptions, but it can be paired with vApplyHD or EMHD for row-by-row liquid systems on a sidedress bar. You'll be able to change rates from the 20|20 in the cab of the tractor and control on/off application based on coverage maps or variable rate maps. Closed-loop control ensures the desired rate is achieved.

Variable rate done flawlessly with vDrive from Precision Planting.

Fertility System

Add vApplyHD for Row-by-Row Control

The vApplyHD system uses a RateController plus control modules on the toolbar. The modules on control flow, measure flow, and swath all in a single device. These same modules can be configured in either section control or row-by-row control.

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Complete Your Liquid Fertility System

PumpStack makes it easy to pair up your application technology with your fertility rates and is designed to work with Precision Planting’s Fertility System or other rate controllers so that you can easily design a liquid fertility system. 

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