Easily adjust applied rates on the go

Adjusting your liquid or granular product rates should be simple. With Precision Planting's RateController, you can easily adjust applied rates and compensate for speed changes on the go.
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What is RateController

Gain Rate Control of Granular Products

Hydraulic Drive Control

Rather than buying expensive new equipment, Precision Planting's rate controller can bring new life to your existing dry fertilizer applicator by controlling the motor with a PWM.

Clarity from Precision Planting displays and maps flow variability and product blockage metrics, row-by-row, on the 20|20.

Variable Rate and Prescriptions

RateController enables you to convert ground drive air seeders or box drills to hydraulic drive, or take control of existing hydraulic drive systems, and control them through the 20|20. Rate Controller can be used to command a fixed rate or be used to apply a variable rate prescription for both seed and dry fertilizer applications.

Variable rate done flawlessly with vDrive from Precision Planting.

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