Accurate harvest data for spatial management

A farmer using YieldSense on the 20|20 for harvest
Yield monitors need time-consuming calibration many times per season to be accurate. YieldSense is a yield monitoring system that provides easy calibration and spatial accuracy throughout harvest so that you can trust your data to make accurate decisions.
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Why YieldSense

Better Harvest Data

Better results.

Making Decisions in the Combine Cab

Accurate yield information is one of the most valuable decision tools in any farming operation. YieldSense has a Grain Property Kit that provides industry leading accuracy with a single point calibration. Furthermore, the Grain Property Kit maintains accuracy across multiple hybrids, moisture values, and test weights.

A farmer uses YieldSense from Precision Planting paired with a 20|20 to accurately track yield data

Spatial Accuracy Matters

Getting accurate yield data on a field level is helpful, but traditional calibrations are so time-consuming they are rarely done often enough to provide spatial accuracy. YieldSense is spatially accurate, doesn't require extra time to calibrate and provides the best information for the best decisions.

Harvest with spatially accurate yield data by pairing YieldSense with the 20|20.

Why it Works

YieldSense uses a flow sensor at the very top of the clean grain elevator to measure all of the crop as it comes off the paddle. Traditional flow sensors don't measure all of the crop and calculate yield improperly as a result. YieldSense also uses a specially shaped clean grain paddle so that the grain comes off of the paddle consistently. When grain is moving correctly across the flow sensor, variances in flow can easily be measured.

YieldSense from Precision Planting paired with the 20|20 tracks accurate yield data

Setup is Simple

YieldSense is simple to use. One calibration per crop, per season, is all you need to get started. Our unique grain property kit keeps the sensor calibrated as you change hybrids, varieties, and moistures within a field, and from field to field.

YieldSense from Precision Planting shown on a Gen3 2020.

see the 20|20

Take Control of the Data You Collect

And how you view it.

The 20|20 gives you high-definition visibility and control over your yield data. It collects data as you pass through the field that you can use post-harvest to analyze the growing season. 

  • Yield: Consistent and spatially accurate yield data coming from the grain harvested.  
    • “Instant Dry Yield” value represents yield at your current position and is based on a three second average.  
    • “Field Average Yield” is the average dry yield for the entire field. 
  • Moisture: The Moisture box displays two values for moisture measured by the moisture sensor. The “Instant” value represents the moisture of the grain at your current position and is based on a three second average. Field Average is the average of moisture for the entire field. 
  • Summary Information: Once you’re done harvesting you can find data for the total field acres covered as well as individual data of yield, moisture, total bushels, and pounds harvested.  
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Pair YieldSense with your existing 20|20 to track spatially accurate yield date in the combine.

Hear From Growers

Roger and Christopher have accurate data at their fingertips while they harvest with YieldSense.

Product Resources

YieldSense Resources

Download operation manuals and setup guides here!

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