Winter Conference 2024 » A New Era for Soil Fertility

Why is the soil fertility recommendation different a half mile on either side of state lines? And, why is our industry still relying on 50+ year-old soil fertility management approaches, specifically to soil test and provide fertilizer recommendations to growers? 

What to expect in this video:

Our journey into soil fertility management started with SmartFirmer, a seed firmer-sensor that measures the amount of moisture available to the seed, organic matter, and temperature in real-time during the planter pass. Once growers gave us feedback on what all they wanted to read from the soil with this tool, we realized there was a much greater issue at hand. We need a way to more accurately test nutrients in the soil and provide precise data to growers, so they can better manage their fertilizer inputs.  

We want to be part of the solution. That’s why we are embarking on a journey through Radicle Agronomics™ by Precision Planting. We’ve created a system that combines planning, sampling, analysis, and the entire logistics of soil sampling. It's the world's first fully automated soil laboratory and tools that makes soil nutrient management more precise, effective, and efficient. 

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