Radicle Agronomics

Radicle Agronomics

What is Radicle Agronomics?

Radicle Agronomics by Precision Planting is a system that combines planning, sampling, analysis, and the entire logistics of soil sampling. It's the world's first fully automated soil laboratory and tools that makes soil nutrient management more precise, effective, and efficient.

Radicle Agronomics™ by Precision Planting is a system that combines planning, sampling, analysis, and the entire logistics of soil sampling.

Award Winning

Precision Planting won the prestigious Davidson Prize as well as Silver Medal Innovation Award from Agritechnica 2023 for Radicle Agronomics™

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A Soil Sampling System

You Control the Process From Start to Finish


GeoPress™ eliminates the chore of record-keeping and bag-handling in soil sampling. GeoPress mounts on any field-ready vehicle and automatically blends and stores the soil sample in GeoTube. Between the shop and the field, data flows seamlessly between GeoPress and Radicle Lab, eliminating the hassle of hand-labeled samples.


Stop labeling sample containers and filling out lab sample manifests. Each GeoTube™ has a unique, permanent electronic RFIDtag that is automatically read and the sample is geotagged and recorded in the cloud. These geo-referenced, reusable tubes are automatically filled with the soil sample from the GeoPress then returned to Radicle Lab where they are loaded into the system, associated with the field location, and analyzed for soil nutrients.

Radicle Lab

Radicle Lab™ is the world’s first fully automated soil laboratory. Its small footprint, self-calibration technology, and the
ability to run hundreds of samples unattended allow agronomists to simplify their workflow. The revolutionary, patent-pending Microflow™ technology built into Radicle Lab™ removes all human touches which occur during the traditional laboratory process.

Connect It All Together

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To complete the suite, a cloud-based software package connects all steps of the field-to-lab process so agronomists can deliver superior nutrient management recommendations. See, schedule, and make changes to sampling plans. View sampled and planned fields. See real time where samplers are in the field. See lab analysis results. And provide clients and applicators access to the data they need – all in one place using one software package.

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