Precision Planting Launches New Planting System

January 16, 2024

Annual Winter Conference introduces farmers to new CornerStone Planting System; announces Panorama is now available for purchase as well as additional product updates 

TREMONT, Ill., January 16, 2024 – Precision Planting today revealed their newest product, a fully custom, factory-built planting system called CornerStone. The CornerStone Planting System, which comes fully built with everything but the planter bar and is integrated with Precision Planting’s technology, was announced during the first day of Precision Planting’s annual Winter Conference.  

 The company also announced Panorama from Precision Planting now has two Application Programming Interface (API) connections and is available for purchase. Additionally, a larger 20|20 monitor was announced, as well as updates on the Radicle Agronomics platform. 

“Helping farmers do more is why we’re here — that’s why we always say we Believe in Better,” said Bryce Baker, director of marketing, Precision Planting. “This year’s Winter Conference is delivering on that promise by bringing the best products and services back to our farmers so they can focus on what they do best: growing our food, fiber, and fuel.” 

The event, which will repeat sessions daily through Friday, Jan. 19, typically hosts more than 5,000 attendees at the company’s Tremont headquarters and remotely at 20 other locations in the U.S. and Canada. The 2024 event offers attendees the opportunity to hear from Precision Planting’s experts as they share insights on improving farm operations and efficiency in the field and present the latest Precision Planting technologies.  

CornerStone Planting System

Allowing growers unmatched planting performance through ease of in-field use, simple adjustments for changing planting conditions, and best-in-class durability and serviceability, the CornerStone Planting System is the newest product revealed from Precision Planting. 

“CornerStone really is everything but the planter bar,” said Caleb Schleder, director of technical services and support, Precision Planting. “We’ve built the CornerStone Planting System with farmers in mind, optimizing  performance, maintenance and wear all while making upgrading their existing planter simple — and certainly more affordable than buying a new one.”  

Compatible with all standard-height 7x7 planter bars, the system is fully integrated with Precision Planting technologies and will allow farmers to customize their planter with a factory-built system that ships with all components — both mechanical and electronic — already installed.  

“We’re currently beta testing the CornerStone Planting System and, with successful field trials this spring, anticipate it being commercially available to dealers and farmers in 2025,” Schleder said.  

CornerStone Planting System from Precision Planting provides everything but the planter bar.

Panorama Commercially Available

Announced during the 2023 Winter Conference, Precision Planting’s Panorama allows farmers to easily view maps and input summaries and agronomic data from a Gen 3 20|20. Now commercially available, farmers can see all of their 20|20 data on their phone, computer or other platform of their choice.

Also announced are the first two API connections to Panorama; John Deere Operations Center and Climate FieldView. Users of Precision Planting’s 20|20 who want to further explore and analyze their 20|20 data in either of these two connections can do so by linking the two together.  

See your 20|20 data outside of the cab with Precision Planting's Panorama system.

16-inch 20|20 Display

A staple in Precision Planting’s offerings to farmers, the 20|20 display is now available at 16-inches and offers two times the widget locations and is perfect for visualizing more data in the cab.  

“Farmers want to visualize more data in the field than ever before,” said Justin Vollmer, software engineer, Precision Planting. “With the new 16-inch 20|20 display, they can. Plus, with the latest software release, a grower can mount secondary 20|20 displays wherever it makes the most sense in their cab, and interact with them from the comfort of their primary 20|20 display.” 

Along with the new display, a new 5 port ethernet switch is being beta tested to allow multiple screen combinations in the cab.  

The 20|20 from Precision Planting is now offered in a 16" screen.

Radicle Agronomics

The final showcase at Winter Conference was Radicle Agronomics by Precision Planting. Radicle Agronomics is a suite of soil sampling and analysis tools to improve the efficiency and repeatability of the soil sample to fertilizer recommendation process.  

“Radicle Agronomics can help growers optimize the way they manage their fertilizer by integrating and improving all steps of the decision process,” said Dale Koch, Radicle product manager, Precision Planting. 

Starting with GeoPress and GeoTube in the field, soil samplers are able to take samples and mix and package them into an RFID coded GeoTube that references the location of the sample. The tubes are then taken to the Radicle Lab, the world's first self-contained soil lab. MicroFlow technology used in the Radicle lab helps eliminate human errors from the traditional laboratory process, completing a precision soil analysis in minutes, Koch added.  

The final step in the integrated Radicle system is Precision Planting purpose-built software that allows users to set up field boundaries, track the GeoPress' location, and view sample results from the lab. 

“Agronomists and growers will be able to more easily determine soil pH, buffer pH, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium cation exchange capacity and base saturation, providing a wealth of information to allow for precision application of fertilizer,” Koch said.   

The Radicle system is planned for a staged roll out, with a limited number of GeoPress systems in the field in 2024 and a beta with the Radicle Lab. Agronomists with interest in using a GeoPress can contact Precision Planting for more information. 

Radicle Agronomics by Precision Planting screen examples across devices

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