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"We tapped yields that we could only dream of, and now they've become reality."

Last updated on November 22, 2023

David Hula | a corn farmer from Virginia

"This past winter, you know, we had the planter torn down and had opportunities to talk with Precision Planting about some of the new things that they have to go forward, and we volunteered to do the beta testing on the FurrowForce. We put four rows on, we put one between the transport wheels, and then we put one kinda in the middle where there were no transport wheels on both sides.

And then we went out in a field where we were gonna just plant some cucumbers this, spring, put some corn in a hopper, went out, and made a run.

Compared to the system that we were currently using, there was a significant difference in the stage one wheels—notched wheels—where it's just squeezing the soil in where we had the double disc open this trench. The stage one wheels closed it up just perfect.

And then we had the stage two of the stitch wheels. And, you know, they left a groove there. They kind of removed some trash and we liked what we saw.

So as opposed to just waiting, you know, we let the corn come up, and then we saw all the corn come up uniformly. I went ahead and changed the other twelve rows. So unlike things that I normally do is change everything one season. I went ahead and changed it all because I was confident.

"This year, we had the absolute best emergence we have ever had."

David Hula, a corn farmer from Virginia

David Hula, Virginia

And this year, we had the absolute best emergence we have ever had. I thought 2018 was good. This was just flat awesome. That was one of the contributing factors, if not the most contributing factor we've had to where we have surpassed their highest yields ever, and we've been excited about the harvest all season long.

If the corn comes up uniformly, and quickly, then we're gonna work with that crop very aggressively. And if the corn takes forever to come up and not uniform, that's just production ground. And when you can get that and you can check that box off your list, say, "Hey, I did all I could," the sky is the limit, and we saw that in 2019.

We tapped yields that we could only dream of, and now they've become reality."

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