Your Closing System Deserves an Upgrade

Rethink your existing closing system

In many ways, farming is much different now than it was in the 1970’s, over 40 years ago! There’s autosteer, treated seeds, yields have nearly doubled in some regions and we use our phones for farming apps. But when looking through old product brochures we noticed that quite a few things haven’t changed–including the closing systems. 

Toss out the old wheels, toss out the frustration, and take a look at a redesigned closing system built for today’s planters and beyond. 

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Setting your closing system correctly is tough.

FurrowForce is a two-stage closing system that adapts to your planting conditions to remove air pockets and firm soil to keep moisture, giving you confidence that your crops will germinate the best that they can.

Toss the 40 year old closing frame and quit trying all the different wheels. Get FurrowForce for your new or existing planter.

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