What Causes Uneven Emergence?

What Causes Uneven Emergence?

There are a number of things that can cause poor emergence. Some of these causes are outside of your control, but there are some that you can manage and potentially eliminate.

Poor seed-to-soil contact, inconsistent moisture availability, and residue in the furrow are all responsible for uneven emergence.

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Poor seed-to-soil contact

Seeds planted in the furrow need to be fully surrounded and in contact with the soil around them. Seeds need to absorb 30% of their own weight in water in order to germinate. They draw moisture from the soil around them. This can be a challenge when the shape and size of the seed prevent it from making it all the way to the bottom of a well-formed V-trench. Failure to properly maintain disc openers and improper setting of closing systems can also lead to the inability to achieve good seed-to-soil contact.

Inconsistent moisture

Planting below the moisture line is essential for germination. You want to make sure that every seed is planted at the depth you have set and that the seed is in sufficient moisture for germination.

Residue in the furrow

Conservation-based tillage practices and heartier plant genetics leave more residue at planting time than has been the case in the past. If this residue finds its way into the furrow and in contact with the seeds planted, it will pull moisture away from the seed and could introduce toxins to the seed. These both affect germination and emergence. Too much residue left on top of the furrow can keep soil temperatures low in places. This can also affect germination.

How Do I Fix Uneven Emergence?

How do I fix this issue?

Simple maintenance and equipping your planter with the right tools will ensure you have even emergence.

» How Do I Fix Uneven Emergence?

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