Automated seeder downforce control

Get automated seeder downforce control with SeederForce from Precision Planting.
Your air seeder only allows you to choose one downforce setting, meaning that you can’t match it to every environment in your field. SeederForce is an automated downforce control system that measures and adjusts downforce every time you encounter variability in the field, to ensure that you have a consistent crop stand that provides great yields.
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Why SeederForce

Smart Downforce Isn’t Just for Planters

Get automatic and accurate downforce on air seeders and drills, too.

Automated Downforce Control

Select how much gauge wheel weight you want to have on the wheels of the air seeder or drill and the SeederForce system will make automatic adjustments to maintain the desired weight. It will measure and adjust downforce every time you encounter variability in the field.

Watch your downforce metrics on the 20|20 in the cab with Precision Planting and SeederForce.

Choose Section or Row-by-Row Control

Section control varies the downforce applied to each rockshaft of the air seeder or drill using a hydraulic manifold per section. Whereas row control varies the downforce applied to each row of the drill. This requires a load cell as well as a hydraulic cylinder in place of the spring on each row.

Get automated seeder downforce control with SeederForce from Precision Planting.

Adjust Target Downforce in the Cab

Multiple downforce sensors on the gauge wheels provide real-time measurements to the 20|20 in the cab. Then you set a desired amount of weight on each gauge wheel and the 20|20 system automatically makes adjustments on the go while seeding. 

Gain automatic downforce with SeederForce and 20|20 from Precision Planting.

Improved Emergence

The goal is to get each seed into moisture so it will grow, but not to have too much compaction where the seed can’t break through the ground. By allowing SeederForce to automatically adjust the pressure on each row according to what soil environment the sensor on the gauge wheel detects, you will prevent seeds on top of the ground, and eliminate sidewall compaction, even in wheel tracks.

Farmer flagging a field to check for emergence.

Agronomic plots have shown that a traditional seeder has the correct downforce 70% of the time. SeederForce can increase this to 99% good downforce levels, which increases stand count, plant uniformity, and ultimately yield.

See 20|20

Take control of the data you collect and how you view it.

See vivid metrics in real-time with a 20|20 monitor in the cab with SeederForce.

Downforce: This downforce details page shows row-by-row information. See exactly how much margin each row is carrying or how often that row is losing contact with the ground. This page also shows how much downforce is required to achieve the downforce target.

Applied DownForce: The applied force map evaluates the fields' seeding conditions. By viewing the maps side-by-side you can see which rows were working harder to achieve the proper downforce level.

Ground Contact + Margin: See how often and how much extra weight you have on your gauge wheels. Use these metrics to confirm if your downforce setting is correct or if you need to make an adjustment.

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Hear From Growers

"Having downforce on my seeder has already increased my speed and productivity."

PJ Feldpausch | Michigan


Product Resources

Download the setup guide and troubleshooting guide.

See operation manuals and setup videos.

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