View Your Seeder Performance Like Never Before

20|20 monitor with SeederForce live data

The 20|20 display brings new insights to your air seeder or drill for magnitude, uniformity, & deviation.

In-cab visibility to the performance of your air seeder has always been a challenge. High application rates, very small product sizes, and product blending all combine to make monitoring very difficult, especially with current blockage sensor technology.

20|20 Precision Planting monitor showing air seeder magnitude and uniformity.

The 20|20 monitor now features metrics to help bring more visibility and understanding to the performance of your air seeder.

  • Product Magnitude - Magnitude is a relative rate metric showing the amount of product flowing through the sensors, giving you row by row comparison and the ability to quickly identify inconsistencies.
  • Product Deviation - Deviation displays how each row compares to the average magnitude being applied. This metric shows the percentage that a row is applying above or below the average. You will be able to further diagnose performance issues using this metric.
  • Product Uniformity - Uniformity represents the percentage difference of the row's magnitude versus the seeder’s average magnitude. This metric is an absolute value of product deviation.

All of these metrics are mapped on the 20|20 monitor in addition to showing their numerical value.

John Deere air seeder planting in a field.

With the 20|20 system on your air seeder, you unlock this new visibility to application performance in addition to adding the capability to monitor and control downforce, control application rates, and section swath control.

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