Multi-Genetic Corn Planting Study

mSet on a planter for multi-genetic planting

Key Points

  • Objective: To analyze the yield and economic benefit of implementing mSet single meter multi-genetic technology to place specific corn hybrids for individual spatial management zones.
  • Results: Correct placement in the defensive and offensive zone of multi-genetic corn across five years has offered increased yield gains up to 11.3 Bu/A with additional farm revenue of $47.84/A.
  • Top 10 in 2022: In 2022, multi-genetic planting was #7 on our Top-10 ROI list at the PTI Farm.
  • Partnership: For this system to work, growers and seed dealers need to work together to place the appropriate genetics on the correct acre and ensure crops are planted at suitable seeding rates.

“Multi-genetic planting is the only way to plant the right hybrid or variety on the right acre.” 

Jason Webster

Commercial Agronomist | Precision Planting

96% of farmers have told us that they have soil variability on their farm. Can you relate? Some growers are blessed with even, nutrient-rich fields but for most of us we are going to experience variability across our fields. This can greatly impact performance and overall yield outcomes.

Our answer to spatial variability? Multi-genetic planting, which is planting the most appropriate genetics to every acre to match its environment and maximize production potential. 

We know there is an opportunity for potential yield increases if we plant the right hybrid for the specific conditions of each portion of land.

Our data from the PTI Farm shows significant economic gain when we can assess each acre of land and plant either an offensive or a defensive hybrid to match the conditions of that specific acre. Over the five-year time period of this study from 2018-2022, multi-genetic corn has offered increased yield gains up to 11.3 Bu/A with additional farm revenue of $47.84/A.

In each zone placement over the last 5 years, only once did the placement end up being incorrect. This track record would suggest an 80% success rate for multi-genetic planting over 2018-2022 for each high/low yield zone.

When it comes to multi-genetic planting, we have seen that there is a high potential for increased yield when you have the right data, plan, and equipment to help you achieve it.

Multi-Genetic Corn Planting Results

2022 Multi-Genetic Corn Planting Results
2018-2022 Multi-Genetic Corn Planting Results

In-Depth Study Videos

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Multi-Genetic Planting ‣ Corn + Soybean

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Multi-Genetic Planting

Study Details 

Study data collected 2018-2022 at the PTI Farm in Pontiac, IL.

Planting DateVariedRotationCAC
Row Width30"Population34K-36K
Corn Prices

2022 - $6.00

2021 - $5.00

2020 - $3.75

2019 - $3.67

2018 - $3.50


2022: GH 02K39 / GH 03R40

2021: AgriGold 636-11VT2RIB / 636-16VT2RIB

2020: AgriGold 641-54VT2RIB / 641-06VT2RIB

2019: AgriGold 6442STX / 6542STX

2018: Varied

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