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Improvement in Profitability in Multiple Crops

Last updated on November 22, 2023

Jason Segert | a corn farmer from North Dakota

"We did have a new product out this year, that we got to test for Precision Planting. We had FurrowForce out there.

I started out with it on half the planter. Really was impressed with it. We went out in the field, and we worked with it, for several hours, and did some adjusting on it and got things the way we wanted it, and we thought, and we were pretty happy with it. And like I said, it rained on and off all the way through. We got one field one or two fields in, and it started raining, and we looked at it, and the crusting issues were better behind that.

So, I begged for another twelve set, twelve rows of it, and I managed to score them. So, thanks to Precision Planting for that. We got it in. We got them on.

That is an amazing tool when you were in conditions we had this year with our smeared sidewalls, we could those intermediate closing wheels-devastated that trench. And then the firmer on back had come over the top and packed it down in. You could adjust that packer to put more poundage on it if you needed it. I mean, it was an individual operation.

We have no idea what's going on in that closing system. So, by having this closing system now and having it active, it was an absolute amazing thing that we could take a look at that. And now we know what we were doing because before, we had four notches on there, and yeah, I don't know, we just set it.

So it was, it was rather nice to know that we could have poundage there, and we could look back there, and we could say, yeah, that's where we want it, and that's where we're gonna consistently keep it.

Before, we had no idea where we were consistently keeping it. So, it did do a wonderful job that way. When you get a planter like this, I don't think it's for a faint of heart person. You gotta be a little bit tech-savvy. I mean, you can just set it and run it, but you can go out there and really do a nice job with it if you sit and adjust those things and watch your monitor and read your downforce and look at your applied maps and know what you're doing.

"It will change the way you till. It will change the way you plant, it will change the angles of your tillage."

Headshot of North Dakota farmer, Jason Segert.

Jason Segert, North Dakota

It will change the way you till. It will change the way you plant, it will change the angles of your tillage.

And you can make just about anything work if you have to, but it works pretty well.

I've been real happy with it so far. So, it's a wonderful tool. I would recommend it to anybody.

I love my planter."

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