3 Keys to Consistent Emergence

Fundamentals of a good crop start with emergence.

Why Emergence Matters

Plants that have delayed emergence lose yield, no matter the crop. It pays to set the stage for every seed to emerge consistently. Watch as Dale explains a study he did on corn emergence, that proved lower ear weights for each day of later emergence. 

3 Keys to Consistent Emergence

1. Uniform Soil Density Around Each Seed

2. Even Heat and Moisture Environment

3. 360 Degrees of Seed to Soil Contact

1. Uniform Soil Density Around Each Seed

Having uniform soil density around every seed means that the soil retains moisture, emergence is timely, and roots can flourish without restriction. When we change the soil density, it effects everything-water movement, air movement, microbial activity, root growth, plant growth, germination, emergence, the whole works! Properly managing the soil density makes all the difference. Watch this time lapse of different tubes of soil uptake water. 

2. Even Heat and Moisture Environment

You are putting thousands of seed in the ground and you have one chance to get it right. Make sure you're taking actions while planting so each of those seeds become plants that emerge on the same day. Doug explains how residue, depth, contact, and compaction all affect emergence. 

3. 360 Degrees of Seed to Soil Contact

You're walking your fields and notice a gap in emergence. If you take out your pocket knife and start investigating, you might find the seed was closed well on top, but it's possible there is an air pocket below that caused your emergence issues. Doug explains the importance of seed to soil contact and ways to check for it. 

Achieving Consistent Emergence Takes a System

Consistent emergence doesn't happen by accident. It takes a planting system that manages the environment seed is placed in and leaves the soil with no evidence the planter was ever there.  The system has to not only put the seed in the ground, but also allow the plant to thrive throughout the season. The 5-Step Precision Planting Emergence System allows you to have control over the planter so that each seed has the optimum opportunity to emerge consistently. 

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