You can’t run your planter without the basic components. But you can equip your planter with durable wear parts from Precision Planting. Equip your planter with components built to last. 

Precision Planting DuraWear Parallel Arms and Gauge Wheel Arms

Wear parts built to last

The Peril of Worn Wear Parts

You know that planter row unit maintenance is critical for consistent plant emergence. It's simple: worn row unit components, especially worn parallel arms and gauge wheel arms, allow slop and play causing uneven seed depth. Even the smallest wear robs you of yield from late-emerging plants. Instead of throwing money and time at temporary fixes, get your time and money back with DuraWear™ wear parts. 


DuraWear Parallel Arms

Secure parallel arm linkage on your planter is critical for consistent seed placement. But you shouldn't have to keep buying replacement arms and rebuild kits to keep your row units in order. Easy-to-install DuraWear Parallel Arms are built for continued performance.

DuraWear Parallel Arms use a two-part bushing as opposed to the traditional single bushing design. An outer bushing protects the parallel arm while allowing the inner bushing to rotate freely. This extends the life of your parallel arms when bolts and bushings wear out, leaving the arm performing for years to come. 

You could continue replacing and rebuilding your parallel arms, or you can upgrade to equipment that will last. Instead of throwing money and time at temporary fixes, get your time and money back with DuraWear parallel arms. Equip your planter with components built to last. Find a dealer near you and order your sets today!

Precision Planting DuraWear parallel arms on a wooden table

DuraWear Gauge Wheel Arms

Gauge wheels and disk openers require exact placement together. DuraWear Gauge Wheel Arms have a high-wear, polymer bushing pivot design, that increases the longevity of use and ensures a solid relationship between the gauge wheels and disk openers. No greasing, shims, or special tools needed. 

Planter maintenance makes a difference in performance and yield. The relationship between gauge wheels and disk openers needs to be spot on for ideal planter performance. Gauge wheels should rub slightly on the disk openers, ensuring that soil does not get in between. If soil does get through, it will most likely end up in the bottom of the furrow with the seed, causing uneven crop emergence. 

Gauge wheel arms are prone to wear and wobble, especially on the depth stop. Even a little wear on the arm where it contacts the depth stop can cause the rows of your planter to reach different depths, leading to poor emergence. Durawear Gauge Wheel Arms aim to solve these issues.  

With only three components, Durawear Gauge Wheel Arms are simple to install and simple to adjust. A polymer bushing pivot keeps gauge wheels tight against the openers, lessening the speed of wear. And a serviceable wear clip limits damage from the mustache, extending the life of the arm and alleviating row-to-row depth variation.  

Precision Planting's DuraWear gauge wheel arms on a row unit