Your Planter Maintenance Guide


Make sure your planter is ready for the field.

After 27 years of working on planters, we’ve seen first hand the issues that poor planting can cause. Our engineers have taken these issues and designed over 30 products to enhance planter performance, but what has been discovered along the way is that if technology is placed on a poor foundation, it will fail. The common culprit for these failures are small wear parts not being examined, replaced, or maintained and it causes big issues. Before expecting technology to improve performance, maintenance pitfalls that can cause technology to fail must be fixed.

We've created an entire video series and downloadable guide to walk you through common recommended maintenance checks for your planter. 

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Download the Planter Maintenance Guide to follow along while watching the video. 

What's Included:
‣  1-sheet checklist 
‣  links directly to corresponding videos
‣  overview of 15 key maintenance areas

▷ download PDF guide