How do I fix uneven emergence?

correcting uneven emergence

Simple maintenance and equipping your planter with the right tools will ensure you have even emergence.

How do I fix uneven emergence?

Simple maintenance and equipping your planter with the right tools will ensure you have even emergence.

Regular maintenance can serve both to ensure a consistent depth and good seed-to-soil contact. Before expecting technology to improve performance, maintenance pitfalls that can cause technology to fail must be fixed.

We've created an entire planter video series and air seeder video series to walk you through commonly recommended maintenance checks. Check out our downloadable planter maintenance guide and seeder maintenance guide as well!

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You can also equip your planter or air seeder with a number of tools to help ensure that you are set up for success next planting season.

Planter Tools

Keeton Seed Firmers

When seeds don't make it to the bottom of the furrow, there is an air gap that causes a delay in emergence. Keeton Seed Firmers press each seed to the bottom of the furrow to improve seed-to-soil contact and give you a crop stand you can be proud of.


Setting your closing system correctly is tough. FurrowForce is a two-stage closing system that adapts to your planting conditions to remove air pockets and firm soil to keep moisture, giving you confidence that your crops will germinate the best that they can.

SmartDepth & SmartFirmer

Plant with confidence that you are always planting into adequate moisture with SmartDepth and SmartFirmer.  SmartDepth allows you to make depth adjustments from inside the cab as conditions change, saving you time and giving you the confidence that each row is set right where you need it to be. SmartFirmer is a seed firmer-sensor that measures the amount of moisture available to the seed, so you can adjust your depth correctly and know you will have a consistent crop stand.


Remove residue without moving soil with the most advanced row cleaner available. Reveal is frame-mounted, removing its impact on the row unit. With its own internal gauge wheel, Reveal precisely controls the depth of the cleaning tines to create a consistently clean and ideal seeding environment for even emergence to occur.

Air Seeder Tools


By maintaining a consistent amount of weight on the gauge wheel, you can be confident that you are placing seeds at seeding depth. SeederForce uses load cells on the row units of the drill to achieve consistent weight and connects with your 20|20 display for confidence in every row.