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The Precision Technology Institute Farm

400 acres of agronomy. One location.

The PTI Farm is a place where 125+ test plots provide agronomic data geared toward practical on-farm use cases, not new product development research. The farm is used to test ideas, both long-standing and latest agronomy principles, and new technologies. It’s the intersection of agronomy, technology, and equipment for farms all over the world.

Entrance of the Precision Technology Institute Farm located in Pontiac, Illinois


The PTI Farm Experience is a day packed with hands-on learning, in-field demonstrations, the latest in equipment and technology, and the chance to absorb knowledge from industry experts and peers.

Farmers on the agronomy tour via tractor cart at the PTI Farm


You'll ride to see and learn about the latest research happening in the 50+ agronomic plots throughout the PTI Farm.

Agronomist showing ingredients of FurrowJet Nachurs fertilizer at the PTI Farm Tour.


During a PTI Farm Experience day you'll participate in all general sessions including an Agronomy Tour of the PTI Farm, and a Furrow Creation demonstration, but you get to customize the remainder of your day by selecting your breakout sessions!

PTI Farm Tour visitors learn from an agronomist about downforce in the furrow.


During these sessions, you'll dive deeper into agronomy teachings with hands-on activities that explore core principles at the farm.

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There are currently no events open for registration at the PTI Farm.

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