Getting a well-emerged stand of cotton is imperative to getting both yield and quality at harvest, but current planting equipment limits a cotton seed’s ability to emerge well. Precision Planting products ensure that your seed population, depth, and environment is perfect, giving each seed the opportunity to emerge, grow, and thrive.

Your Planter Is Causing You to Overplant Bags of Seed Every Season

We all know that cotton seed is expensive, so it is important to get a good stand while limiting the amount of money you spend on seed. The number of seeds per foot you target is what you should be planting. No more, no less. 

But there’s a problem and it sits right in the middle of the row unit on your planter. Your current seed meters are costing you money and they don’t have to. Check out the video below to see how you can easily fix the problem of overplanting your cotton seed. 

This season you’ll be planting the actual population you want after your Premier Dealer installs your new vSet meters.