The Partner Programs combine superior liquid fertilizer and granular insecticide products with the proven application equipment of Precision Planting. ↓

Better Together

  1. Upgrade Your Application Equipment

    A Precision Planting Premier Dealer will help you customize and upgrade the equipment you already own.

  2. Connect with a Partner

    Offset the cost of Precision Planting application equipment with rebates and incentives from qualifying product purchases.

  3. Maximize Your Application Efficiency

    Combining superior nutrient products with Precision Planting’s placement and control equipment delivers what your crop needs, when it needs it.

Upgrade Your Application Equipment

Ensure your crop gets what it needs, when and where it needs it with superior placement and control products from the Precision Planting Fertility System.

The FurrowJet product.

FurrowJet In-furrow starter fertilizer placement

Shifting a portion of your fall application to a planter-applied banded application can reduce the total amount of needed fertility by up to 30%. The right placement is a large part of maximizing your fertility dollar, but getting the right rate is also critical. Farmers experience up to 30% variability in the rate applied to each row with current liquid control systems.

2023 Program Partners

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