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"Our final stand from's dialed it down to one percent, if not perfect."

Last updated on November 22, 2023

Brad McAfee | a corn farmer from Indiana

I remember back planting with dad years ago—we had a population monitor, and we thought we were getting an accurate population. After upgrading to Precision's 20/20 SeedSense, we realized our population wasn't the target we were wanting.

Our ground has multiple soil profiles in one pass. You have hard ground, you have soft ground. You can go from a rocky-chippy hillside to topsoil bottoms in a single pass within a hundred yards of each other. We had to put so much pressure getting in the ground, and we weren't able to monitor as well.

We had compaction issues and DeltaForce really showed us where we had our issues throughout the years before. Our final stand from plant was maybe five percent less than what we were shooting for. With Precision Planting, it's dialed it down to one percent, if not perfect.

Over the years, we thought our target depth was where we wanted it. It wasn't. We were putting too much downforce, which was creating compaction issues and hatchet roots.

With Precision Planting products, we've really learned that what I thought was right in the past wasn't. We on our farm decided to purchase Precision Planting products over everything that's out there for the accurate seed depth and seed placement they achieve. With our different soil types, we need something that stays more consistent across the whole field versus everything else that's available out there.

What Precision Planting does for the overall farmer is they strive to help achieve higher yields in the end, which makes your operation more profitable. They have great technical support and we've got great deal of support in the area. If anything is needed, I can call either one of them at any time, and they'll do whatever they can to help.

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