Simple Technology to Maximize Your Farm

We get it—you’re comfortable with the equipment you own and upgrading to newer technology seems complicated. However, when it comes to technology on the planter you don't have to choose between simple to use or high-performance. 

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Simple Technology: Knowledge

Driving the highest yield starts with getting the planter pass right. This takes knowledge. 

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Simple Technology: Emergence

Your late-emerging plants are costing you money and we know you want to drive yield as high as possible. 

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Simple Technology: Placement

You want consistent singulation and consistent spacing to achieve the highest profitability you can. 

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Simple Technology: Fertility

We believe that applying at-plant fertility should not add complexity to your system. 

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Upgrade the Equipment You Already Own

Mendell Elson, a farmer in Miami, Missouri, thought adding improvements to his planter would be complicated. That mindset changed when he improved this planter with Precision Planting products. With the upgrade, he was able to achieve the best stands he’s ever had without adding complexity. It was that simple.

Corn/Soy Campaign - Jan 2021 "Simple"Quote from Mendell

Partner with a Precision Planting Dealer

A Precision Planting Dealer is your partner throughout the season for recommendations, support, and training.

They make it even more simple with 3 easy steps:

1. Schedule an Equipment Evaluation

Connect with a Precision Planting Dealer to evaluate your planting and harvest equipment.

2. Get a Customized Upgrade Plan

Your Precision Planting Dealer will provide you with the best first step to maximize your investment.

3. Receive Ongoing Training and Consultation

That’s just the start. Your Precision Planting Dealer will prepare you to use the simple technology and be there to support you throughout each season.

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