November 12, 2019

AgroLiquid starter fertilizer was used in agronomic trials at the Precision Technology Institute in 2018. AgroLiquid also offers rebates on Precision Planting fertilizer application equipment when purchasing starter fertilizer.

AgroLiquid and Precision Planting Agronomic Trials

At the Precision Technology Institute, practical on-farm trials are done to help growers maximize their farm.  In 2018, a blend of AgroLiquid starter fertilizers was tested. Compared to the control pass without starter, the AgroLiquid products increased yields by 5.2 bu/ac. up to 11.4 bu/ac. The most profitable application rate was a 75% rate. The starter blend was applied with Precision Planting vApplyHD controlling rate on each row and placement was done in a tri-band with FurrowJet and some products in a dual-band with Conceal.

Ideal Starter Fertilizer Placement

Placement of starter fertilizer is crucial for the uptake of that fertilizer by the plant since phosphorus does not move in the soil. Phosphorus needs to be placed in-furrow where the seedling roots can access the fertilizer, as well as right where the crown roots will grow.

Putting starter where the plant needs it when the plant needs it, takes FurrowJet. FurrowJet is a planter mounted device that places three bands of phosphorus starter fertilizer near the furrow; one in-furrow, and two about 3/4" away from the seed on either side. These three bands are placed right where the seedling roots and crown roots will grow, taking up the P and thriving.


Conceal Perfects Placement

Conceal is a simple nutrient placement device that places fertilizer in a band, incorporated into the soil, where the plant will be able to get those nutrients during the critical ear set stage. Conceal can be utilized to put either a single or a dual band of nutrients down beside the row. Conceal is a combination of a gauge wheel which has a groove in it, and a knife running in the groove.  The knife is guided by the gauge wheel so that placement is always the same distance from the seed. Since the knife is mounted to the front of the row unit, it does not interfere with the critical function that the gauge wheel plays: consistent and proper seeding depth. Conceal almost can't be seen on the row unit, tucked away inside the gauge wheel, where it does it's job without increased row unit length or bulk that typically comes with nitrogen attachments.