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You can capture and analyze your field’s performance by management zones. Then plan for next season with your harvest data integrated with your planting solution.

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How is the YieldSense system different from other yield monitors?

YieldSense makes it easy for farmers to accurately measure yield and use that information to make better farming decisions. To measure grain without tedious recalibration, YieldSense uses a patented elevator paddle and flow sensor that accurately measures grain flow, even as conditions such as moisture, flow, and environment change. In addition, the simple user interface makes grower decision making easy with real time, high definition maps and reports through FieldView.

What setup is required for the YieldSense system?

After installing the hardware, the operator will complete a crop setup process by entering a single actual truckload weight from an elevator scale. This setup process is completed once per crop / season to account for manufacturing variances. In addition, the Field True Up and Loads True Up features can be used to make minor adjustments to the crop constant as needed.

How accurate will the YieldSense system be?

Yield monitor accuracy is typically defined at the field level. For decision making and improving field performance year over year, growers need accurate yield information that is trustworthy at any point in the field often referred to as spatial accuracy. To highlight the importance of spatial accuracy, we have defined our accuracy goal as 90% of loads (hopper or truck) accurate within +/4%.

Do I need to replace my elevator chain/paddle?

Yes. The paddles that come from the factory on most combines are made from rubber tires. The variation in the shape of the rubber paddles prevents grain from being pushed consistently over our flow sensor, so it must be replaced.

Is my existing moisture sensor compatible with YieldSense?

The YieldSense system is compatible with OEM installed and Ag Leader moisture sensors. Precision Planting also offers a moisture sensor if your combine doesn't have one.

Is FieldView required for YieldSense?

It is highly recommended that all YieldSense customers use FieldView. FieldView optimizes the YieldSense experience, as it is the platform used to map and see all of your harvest data real-time. For more information about FieldView, please visit http://www.precisionplanting.com/products/fieldview/.

What harvest maps are available within FieldView?

Yield, Moisture, Combine Speed, and Loads. In addition to these harvest maps, you also have access to any maps already in FieldView. Planting maps such as population, singulation and down force as well as imported shape files including nitrogen or tile maps. By using the SplitView feature in FieldView you can view these maps side by side during and after harvest.

I have 2 combines - can I share swath coverage in the same field?

Yes for FieldView Plus users, YieldSense provides live streaming swath coverage to control row shutoffs between multiple combines without a USB stick.

I have 2 combines - will FieldView map yield data from both combines?

Yes, FieldView Plus users have the ability to share data between iPads using CloudSync functionality. CloudSync will automatically sync coverage data from one machine to another in real time while building yield maps and complete reporting may take up to 15 minutes to sync. A manual sync can be completed sooner.

Does YieldSense include Hybrid/Variety Tracking?

Yes. If you planted with 20/20 SeedSense, then FieldView will automate variety tracking and create real time Yield by Hybrid reports as you combine. You can also define a hybrid manually while harvesting so Yield by Hybrid reports will be accurate.

What YieldSense reports are available in FieldView?

Yield Field Report – Yield & Acres Harvested by Hybrid
Moisture Field Report – Moisture and Acres Harvested by Hybrid
Load List Report – Key Metrics by Combine & user defined Load
Harvest Summary – Summarizes all Harvest metrics for a field by Hybrid

Do I have to use both the 20/20 display and Fieldview in the combine?

The 20/20 Seedsense display is required to run YieldSense. However, for your convenience, we have enhanced FieldView to allow the operator to perform all common functions from within FieldView (selecting field, adding/entering a load, etc). The 20/20 SeedSense display performs calculations and stores data files but you can position it to the side in the cab and use FieldView as the primary operator interface for YieldSense.

How do I get my yield data off the 20/20 or FieldView?

FieldView Plus users have their yield data backed up to the PrecisionCloud where it is always available via the FieldView website (Data, Data Manager where you can download 20/20 Field Files to your PC or share them with a consultant via email. You can also manually export YieldSense data from the 20/20 to a USB Stick.)

I didn't use FieldView for planting. Can I see my planting maps on the iPad while harvesting?

Yes. Purchase FieldView and connect it to your 20/20 SeedSense display prior to switching to YieldSense software. The current season's planting data will sync automatically to FieldView and the maps will build.

Should I delete my 20/20 Planting Files before harvesting?

Yes. Once you have exported planting Field Map Files to a USB or have them backed up in the PrecisionCloud (FieldView Plus users), you can delete planting files from the 20/20 Display to ensure maximum free disk space for YieldSense. Deleting planting files can be done from either the 20/20 SeedSense or YieldSense applications.


Simple Yet Accurate

Make sense of your yield data and make better decisions for your operation:   • instead of time consuming re-calibrations,
    get simple, reliable results   • instead of isolated information,
    get instant connectivity and sharing   • Instead of complicated desktop software,
    get yield-by-hybrid reports instantly from the cab   • instead of only whole-field results,
    get zone-by-zone yield data
    unlike any other yield monitor


Farming By Zone

Unique to YieldSense is the capability to get yield and location data in management zones, instead of the field as a whole. Then you can pinpoint planting solutions with the same accuracy.


Data that requires complicated desktop software doesn’t allow you to make real time decisions from the combine. YieldSense does.   It can show you side-by-side maps – yield and as-planted – as you move across the field. You can make meaningful comparisons across yield zones, hybrids, fertilizer levels and more. That allows you to make better decisions for the future.   • Ultimate Accuracy
• Real-Time Yield by Hybrid Reports
• Wireless Data Sharing Between Combines
• Define Management Zones
• Enhanced with Climate Fieldview™ Plus

Detail & Summary

You can get average bu/a for the whole field from just about any yield monitor. But only YieldSense will give you yield by hybrid reports from the cab. So you can confidently plan changes for next year real time.


YieldSense capabilities, and results in the field.

eliminate variations, get better results

YieldSense drives better decisions with data you can trust.

Other yield monitors fall short. When speed changes, so does the mass of grain passing the flow sensor, and you get varying results. YieldSense changes the way grain flow is measured. Our patented flow sensor is installed in the correct location, so accurate yield is measured across all mass rates.

With real time yield by hybrid reports, wireless data sharing between combines, and a Grain Property Kit to keep the system accurate, YieldSense gives you the tools you need for better decisions at harvest and beyond.